Installing programmes on D drive

  Joe G 19:36 27 Feb 2012

My new PC has a 40Gb SSD which I thought was a good idea to boost system speed. However it has now struck me that some programmes (particularly games) do not give you a choice of where to install the programme - is there any way around this?? I've read elsewhere and it is suggested there isn't which would be a downer to say the least - I thought there would be a way in Windows 7 (64 bit) to direct installation to my 1TB D drive. Hoping you can put my mind at rest!

  johnnyrocker 19:42 27 Feb 2012

nearly everything i downloaded etc gave a location during install as to where it would be put and giving a change option?


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:50 27 Feb 2012

Make sure you always select "Custom Install" to get a chance of changing the default install location.

  Joe G 19:53 27 Feb 2012

Thanks - I seem to recall I have a few games on my old PC that did not give me a choice - maybe more do now - I suspect most of my games that worked on XP won't work on Win 7 64 bit

  csqwared 20:00 27 Feb 2012

As johnnyrocker states all the games I have come across give an option during install of which drive/file to use. I used to do this with games programmes but then noticed that a lot of the files were still written to C: drive so my attempt at speeding things up were actually slowing things down as calls were being made to different drives for files. I now install to C:

  KRONOS the First 20:27 27 Feb 2012

I have not come across a game that worked on XP and does not work on Windows 7 and I have something like 300GB of games. I too have a SSD boot drive (128GB) but all my games including Steam are on my 1TB secondary hard-drive. I have noticed no slow down whatsoever. Somtimes games or program's can be a bit sneaky when installing, EA's Origin is a case in point, it tried to install to the SSD which would have meant that the game BF 3 would also have installed there. But the option to install where you want is there it sometimes can be a little tricky to find.

  Joe G 21:07 27 Feb 2012

Thanks for that Chronus - I've been doing a web search and found a solution using a coommand line that points the installer to teh D:drive - bookmarked it on my netbook but on PC now and can't find it again - will post it for others when I am on the netbook again. Is your system 64 bit then? So far I have only tried to install Magix Audio Cleaning Lab but that would not work - not tried anything else yet as my HDD was DOA and awaiting new one

  robin_x 21:16 27 Feb 2012

Dunno if Symbolic Links might be useful.

I don't use them myself. Hurts my head.

  Joe G 21:35 27 Feb 2012

Thanks - yes it was that type of text I was reading on the other forum - looks a bit advanced for me but I'm learning a lot since getting this PC!!

  KRONOS the First 06:29 28 Feb 2012

Joe G

Yes I have 64 BIt Windows 7, I think you have misunderstood me all program's are actually on the SSD drive but all games are on the secondary (D). Before I upgraded to the Crucial M4 I was using a Vertex 2 60 GB which was more than enough for OS and program's with about 15 GB to spare. The first thing I do is move all the My folders to the D drive which means that any program's that needs a destination folder for output etc will automatically go to the My Documents folder on the D drive.

As for my games, most of which are through Steam, this is installed on the D drive so needs nothing more than a repair after reinstalling Windows and I am good to go, which with 50 to 80 games saves an enormous amount of time. One other thing not all games will work straight out of the box,so to speak, on Windows 7 64 Bit, the odd one might need a tweak or to, but as I said I have not had any game refuse to play.

  Joe G 13:08 28 Feb 2012

Thanks - many of my games are very old indeed - eg Battlefield 1942, Medal of Honour Allied Assault, Sudden Strike, Sim City 4. I tended to buy older games a) because I am too tight to buy newer ones and b) my previous PC was an Athlon 3000 1.9 Ghz so only older games would work on them. I will just have to see which ones will still work - at least now I know I can install on D drive - thanks for the tip re moving My Documents too that will be a big help I am sure

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