Installing Program Files to a second hard disk???

  DannyOH 12:02 13 Jan 2005

I have two encyclopedias on my system--Encarta and Britannica--and plan to include a third. (Encarta also includes an Atlas). These programs have a vast--and unchanging--database. Every time however, I do a search, a defragment or whatever like that, all this unnecessary material is gone through, completely wasting both time and computing power.

As I am about to do a complete reformat of my C drive, a thought struck me. If these unchanging databases could be installed on my second hard drive, then this irritation could be avoided altogether--which raises another question.

Given those installation routines where an option is possible, is it ABSOLUTELY necessary to specify C:\Program Files as the installation folder? What if I was to create a "Program Files" folder on my second hard drive and install these programs to it?

Aside from anything else, it strikes me that--as with putting the Paging File on a separate hard drive--it should even access the data faster.

The only real questions are: would it work--and would it work well?


  DannyOH 12:06 13 Jan 2005

Oops.Sorry guys.
Forgot to add--system is Windows XP Pro.


  rawprawn 12:08 13 Jan 2005

No problem, I have a lot of program files on my second HD.

  vitrocmax 14:20 13 Jan 2005

I think you are on the right lines with what you want to do, but have you thought of going just a bit further, and using partitions on your drives to enhance things a bit more?

If you are formatting your drive anyway, why don't you make a partition big enough for windows and another that you could use for your regular program files, and put your encyclopedias on the second hard drive. I remember a link to a page recently that was a bit OTT but it gave me something to think about, with my 120GB drive and only 14 used. I haven't done it yet but I will work out a plan...see

click here

I don't remember where I got the link from.


  khoock37 14:44 13 Jan 2005

Normally if yu have a big capacity drive for the present home user like 40-60 Gig, yu break it into several partitions and put it all your OS system files in one partition, program files and software downloads in another, one for music mp3, photo collection and others for your children's private use. In case there is a virus attack or corrupted files in your system files, it won't affect the others. If you have a software like Acronis Partition Expert 2003 or Partition Magic it would make your job very much easier

  TomJerry 16:19 13 Jan 2005

you can install any program any where you like, all program installtion will give you this option, just do not accept default when you install, sometime you need to select "custome" set up

you you still cannot figure out, get another guy/girl do it for you once

PS: some programs will install some files under windows directory. This cannot be avoid, but not many stuff put under windows directory

  DannyOH 16:38 14 Jan 2005

Thanks to all for the input.

Vitrocmax note, I have my drive(s) partitioned--but installing to another partition on the C drive still means the different partitions have to share the one drive arm and heads. Installing to another drive would mean a whole new drive arm and set of heads, and working simultantously.

You would think Mixcrosoft would have made this option patently clear, way back with Windows 95--but alas, its Microsoft!

Thanks to all

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