Installing progams on slave hard drive

  davolente 16:52 08 Mar 2004

What`s the secret? I thought I`d install larger progs on the second drive, creating a "Program Files 2" folder for their home. Some progs are quite happy to go there and operate OK. Some give errors on installation, ranging from "Dll files not matching" to errors on "registering components" and other weird complaints. Some insist on puting their own folder on the drive and work OK from there. One even created a second "Program Files" folder and, again, works quite happily from there, so, at the moment I have a real hotch-potch of programs in odd places on the second drive and some refuse to go there at all, so have had to put them on drive C, as usual. Any ideas, or have I missed something vital?

  Diodorus Siculus 17:04 08 Mar 2004

Well you have just about summed up the random nature of computing! Some programs will go where you want, others are written to go only into the Program Files folder on the same drive as the OS, while others still go only into C:\program files.

Don't know that there is a solution though...

  woodchip 17:16 08 Mar 2004

The reason is that you should create the Name folder of the Program Even if you put it in Program Files2 it will not work like the one in the Normal C:\Program Files folder. if you point it to the Drive folder when you load a program they will more than likely just load to that folder instead of creating a folder under the Program Files2 folder hence the Program you try to load are looking at the files already in that folder and saying that they are the wrong files, It will ask you things like file already exists do you which to overwrite

  Sheila-214876 17:39 08 Mar 2004

I don't have any problem with that, although I don't have a folder called Program Files 2 it's just called Program Files. Most programs will give you the option of where you want to install them. Some I've found will only install on the C: drive though.

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