Installing PC security software

  geek84 09:58 18 Oct 2009

I have been advised to install PC security software on my laptop in order to stop viruses getting on my laptop. However, I have no idea
of what software I need to install on my laptop, or how to operate this software in order for it to detect any viruses etc.

Can you please advice how I go about doing this.


  oldbeefer2 10:55 18 Oct 2009

The choice of free ones is huge, and different people swear by different products. The more popular antivirus seem to be Avast and AVG. In addition to this, it's worth some anti malware. Superantispyware is one popular freebie but, again, there are lots out there with their own proponents. Microsoft have just launched their own - Microsoft Security Essentials (again free). Take your pick!

  Pine Man 11:24 18 Oct 2009

A good, and easy, start would be to download and install Microsoft Security Essentials. click here

It is free and needs no computer skills just leave it in the default settings that it will set itself up with.

This will cover you against viruses and spyware.

  sunnystaines 11:26 18 Oct 2009

it is easy to go OTT.

But this is what I use

one security suite [norton360] for AV & FIREWALL
Spyware blaster to stop some spyware getting on the browser.
have SAS & MBAM installed so i can scan and repair if i think i am infected.

last of all iobit360 for a quick scan of system after each days browsing.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:28 18 Oct 2009

If you are unsure there is no point in faffing around and going OTT. Pine man's link to MS security essentilas is the one to go for. Just use a little common sense when surfing, that's all.


  Forum Editor 16:16 18 Oct 2009

Start with Microsoft Security essentials, you can always change, or add things later.

Make sure you do this before spending too much time on the internet - you're vulnerable until you have some anti-virus protection running.

  mikesuther 16:42 19 Oct 2009

I personally use to use AVG many years but i started to find that things were slipping through but for a free program i could not complain. i had stayed away from major brands as they use to use a lot of the computer resources. I have since bought a copy of norton internet security which covers firewall internet anti virus and numerous other types of protection.

To buy the software normally is about £46 but Argos were selling for only £23 with a three user licence. It has been superb as far as i am concerned being extremley reliable and using very little of resources. Highly reccomend a known make just be wary of price and that it does what it says on the box.

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