installing an os to slave drive.

  chefjuan 13:52 23 Mar 2005

Hi.I am pretty new to computers and would like some help. I have 2 hard drives, one is an 80gb which i use as my master and the second is a 20gb set to slave. I would like to know if there is any way i could load an os ie xp which I have on my master, onto my slave. Then I would like to save things such as photo's and video files onto it freeing up space on my master hoping this will then mean my master isn't slowed down. does this make sense and is it achievable? any help would be appriciated greatly. thanks, sean.

  TomJerry 14:04 23 Mar 2005

all HDD manufacturers' have their own software for this purpose, just go to the manufacturer's web site and download the software

  chefjuan 14:06 23 Mar 2005

I have right clicked and copied the 'windows' folder to the slave drive, it says approximetley 18 mins, which I'm hoping sounds right as windows is obviously a big file. will I be able to access the slave drive ie: will it have a desktop?thanks for your help. sean

  happy dragon 14:14 23 Mar 2005

surley the windows folder does not contain the full o/s is there not different files scattered throughout your pc's h/d and not just in the windows folder this sounds too easy ?

  TomJerry 14:16 23 Mar 2005

read my post above

  Audeal 14:27 23 Mar 2005

I don't understand why you need an os on the slave drive, it is not needed. Copying the Windows folder will not transfer the os onto the D drive as you need to transfer the Registry as well.

If you only need to ues the drive for saving your photos etc then just copy & paste them onto the D drive. Then In the future you can save your photos directly onto your D drive.

  Terry Brown 14:44 23 Mar 2005

The best option would be to put the XP CD in your drive, as per install, when it checks the path,change the default from c: to d: (or whatever your second hard drive letter is), and install on that drive. this will give you dual boot option. When you are happy that all is going well, you can delete the files from c: and ( I need a bit of help here) run the instruction to check boot paths-- I know there is a command, however I cannot remember it), and this will change the boot path on your 20 gb drive as the default.

  happy dragon 15:28 23 Mar 2005

why not take the 2nd h/d out of the pc get a h/d caddy and use it as a mass storage drive that would be a alternative option that way you can transfer files etc to and from any pc you wish via a usb connection

  Terry Brown 19:29 23 Mar 2005

Hi, I have remembered how to check the boot paths.---In RUN enter MSCONFIG, then select BOOT.INI, finally select CHECK ALL BOOT PATHS. this will find there is no operating ststem on the drive you have wiped and modify the boot.ini as necessary.

  lotvic 19:52 23 Mar 2005

What are you doing? all respect but what set up will chefjuan end up with? (I'm puzzled)

to save things such as photo's and video files to slave drive do as ßéLâ said:
"Just move the files via Windows Explorer to the slave drive."
"I don't mean to copy the Windows Folder to the Slave drive.. Just use the Drive as Storage.. No need to install an OS on it. "

  lotvic 19:55 23 Mar 2005

ps, and what Audeal says.

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