Installing O/S on second hard drive

  plok 19:44 06 Dec 2005

I have fitted and formatted a second hard drive on my computer and I want to install Windows on it. I have re-installed Windows many times when there was just the one disc but now I'm wondering how I can make sure that I am installing Windows on the new disc and not the old one. Can anyone offer any advice, please?

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 19:47 06 Dec 2005

You would have to make your second drive the master drive and make the previous one the slave, Then you can boot and install windows on the second drive, do you know how to set master and slave?;

  Diodorus Siculus 19:51 06 Dec 2005

It depends on what OS you want to install and why.

IF Win2k / XP you can do a custom install and put it where you want.

I ask why to know if you plan to use it as an alternative (eg for gaming) or as a replacement. If the latter, then do as Ben suggests.

Give some more details of what you want to do.

I take it that you know that you don't need an OS on it to use it - it should show up in Windows Explorer /My Computer if it is formatted.

  plok 22:22 06 Dec 2005

The idea is to transfer everything from the old HD onto the new one in order to clear and reformat the old one as there is so much rubbish on it now! How to do this was going to be my next question.
I understand about master and slave, yes.
The way I plan to install the O/S is Windows 95 first, then the upgrade to Windoes Me.
Thank you all for your help so far. I am very grateful.

  Strawballs 01:34 07 Dec 2005

If you do as Ben suggested and have reinstalled windows many times then it will be the same as you will have always done it before it will go straight to the master then transfer every thing that you want to keep then simply format the old drive through windows.

  DieSse 01:49 07 Dec 2005

You don't need to install Win95 then upgrade.

The WinME upgrade CD wil install directly, and just ask you to put in your Win95 CD at some point, only for verification.

This is MUCH better than putting in Win95 first.

So - take out your old drive, put in the new as a Master, and install WinME.

Then put in your old drive as Slave, and copy all your data from it.

Don't forget you cannot copy programs from your old drive to the new one - you will have to re-install them.

And WHATEVER you do, don't be in a rush to wipe your old drive clean for at least a month or two - there will always be something on it you've forgotten about and suddenly need!

  Simsy 09:13 07 Dec 2005

but when BIG Ben strikes 10 again! says; "You would have to make your second drive the master drive and make the previous one the slave" I don't think that is neccesarily true...

I think he/she is saying that it needs to be the master in order to boot from it. That is probably not vital, depending on the motherboard. In the BIOS you can probably set which HDD to boot from. I know I can, and I boot from the second! (I was just the way I got round to installing things... I wasn't being obtuse!)



  plok 19:08 07 Dec 2005

Thank you all. Plenty of things to try! I'll get back if there are any more problems.

  plok 20:17 07 Dec 2005

Here I am again.I unplugged one of the disks and tried to boot up. All was alright. Unplugged that one and plugged in the next one. Wouldn't boot, said that it had been formatted with NTFS and required FAT32. Tried to fdisk it but on the first page a flashing message said that drive 1 could not be accessed. Can you help, please. By the way, Which disk is which in the BIOS set up? I assumed that HDD-0 Would be the old one and HDD-1 would be the new one. Would that be right?
Thanks once again.

  Diodorus Siculus 20:39 07 Dec 2005

Unplug the disk that works.

Connect up the other as master.

Boot with a floppy disk.

Try to format it.

What happens?

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