Installing older games

  Wayneh 10:35 08 Mar 2003

I have downloaded Frontier - first encounters from an abandonware site and it won't install.
It keeps saying that it can't find the necessary files. I think that it is looking on the A: drive.
Does anyone know how to get round this

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 10:39 08 Mar 2003

If i remember right it should have been a zip file
download and you need to unzip it to a file on your hdd,create one called frontier and put it in there,ffe is i think 2 meg or somethin download or at least mine was lol,and you make have to make some changes to the config.sys file to get it to run and it wont run with sound cos of bugs in the proggy,well on mine it wouldnt.


  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 10:41 08 Mar 2003


you will also need a mouse driver loaded in real dos to work it.

  Wayneh 10:44 08 Mar 2003

No it wasn't a zip file ands it is in a file called frontier and it still can't find the scource files
How do I change the config.sys file then?

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 11:00 08 Mar 2003

Well,lol before you do this make sure you create a backup of them so you can get it back if you need to,this is 98se i did it on so i dont know what OS you have but here goes,

Click START/run/type msconfig goto the config.sys
tab, click create backup before you do anythin
then you need to do this

In config.sys, try the following changes (back up the file first so that
the original version can be restored if there are problems):
Change all other instances of DEVICE= to DEVICEHIGH=

if you go here and download ffe click here

then you need a mouse driver i used MSmouse wich you can find on google download it unzip to hdd and then restart in msdos at the prompt type
cd:/msmouse(press enter)type mouse.exe
it should then load the mouse driver then type
cd:/firstenc(press enter)
then type firstenc again and it should start lol.


  bremner 11:06 08 Mar 2003


You do not have Windows XP do you?

  Wayneh 11:09 08 Mar 2003

yes I do, is this significant?

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 11:16 08 Mar 2003

Never tried it on XP so the commands may be slightly different it it will even run on XP it is a good game when you get it going and i play it for hours and forget all track of time lol.
The site i gave you should be able to find out all the info you need patches, cheats ,and about 5 different versions of the game lol.


  bremner 11:33 08 Mar 2003

It is very unlikely you will get a DOS game to work on XP. The only chance is to use XP's Compatability Wizard but I really don't hold out any hope at all. Sorry

  Brian-336451 12:17 08 Mar 2003

I've turfed out a lot of games that ran happily on Win9x and Dos.

I love XP, I don't love the fact that the Compatibility often doesn't - nice one Bill (G)!

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