installing old (floppy) xp to new system

  [email protected] 10:56 13 Oct 2008

hello, have made a pc for a friend who's has just failed. i have put this together:
amd 6000x2
gigabyte midi atx motherboard, i eide, 1 fpp, 4 sata ports.
1 sata hard drive.

i think the psu has died or something has fried on their pc. it kept restarting and now cant get to post, no anything.
they have retail xp (pre sp1) and it's on floppy, they had it up to and including sp3 before pc died. i have never seen a floppy and it's a sata drive (generic no driver) i'm hoping to rescue the fdd from their 10 year old pc will this install on the pc? or do i need to burn sata driver and use that?
or buy a new xp? thanks.

  [email protected] 10:58 13 Oct 2008

it is a retail copy btw

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:05 13 Oct 2008

If SATA drivers re built into BIOS (modern boards) then XP should install as normal.

If the install fails with XP cannot detect hard drive then you will need to restart and load the SATA drivers from a floppy at the F6 prompt.

  [email protected] 11:14 13 Oct 2008

morning Fruit Bat, i have the motherboard drivers which is dvd there is a cddvd r/rw on the new pc too. would i need sata driver from floppy or would it read it from the eide dvd burner. i was hoping as much i was just concerned if the age of the copy of xp (10 years) would be a problem. i suppose it's wait and see time.
thanks for the reply, im worried because i think i had a problem with my first sata drives not being found and that was by vista! which is obviously a lot newer,

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:21 13 Oct 2008

SATA drivers are usually loaded from a floppy.

However for machines that do not have floppy drives the method is to us a program like Nlite to make a slipstream copy of XP and all drivers.

Not sure how you would do that loading XP from floppies anyway.

  Rahere 11:30 13 Oct 2008

As Fruitbat said you could try slipstreaming the floppies if you have access to another PC.

I haven't tried this but you might try copying all the XP floppies (assuming there are a few there!) to the same folder on another PC copy this to a bootable CD (or use a BootDisc/ W98 floppy) and run it from there - I had success installing programs like that.

This is not too far from slipstreaming as you have to place all the files in the same folder for that. add SP3 to the folder too if you are slipstreaming.

  [email protected] 12:47 13 Oct 2008

eesh! ok guys, im doing this on wednesday, will tick thread as i think im ok. watch this space wednesday. i never have problems with my pc, it seems that whenever there's an audience, or im doing something simple for someone else everything that can go wrong does!
many thanks.

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