installing new seagate hard drive with disc wizard

  Ballie 10:21 13 Jul 2008

This might seem like a really silly question so I will apologise in advance.

I am waiting for a new 320GB Seagate ide hard drive to turn up from ebuyer, I will be using the Seagate disc wizard software to clone my current 120GB WD hard drive that is almost full.

I have read the disc wizard instructions but it doesn't say if you need to format the disc? I know I will need to install it as a slave drive first before I can copy my old disc to it, but does disc wizard format it before it clones your drive or will I need to format it in xp first?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:48 13 Jul 2008

some drives come preformatted.

can't tell until its connected.

just run the software and see if there is a format option if not then use disk management in windows to format first.

and no its not a silly question.

  citadel 11:11 13 Jul 2008

i used seagate disc wizard and it did it all auto. it prints out the stage by stage instructions before you start.

  DieSse 12:51 13 Jul 2008

You don't need to do anything to the drive - disk wizard does the lot for you.

Just another confirmation.

  Ballie 22:13 15 Jul 2008

I have just installed a seagate 7200.10 320GB hard drive ST 3320620A the drive has been formated in winxp and now shows up as a hard drive in "my computer". The disc is set to slave (no jumper) and my primary hard drive is a Western Digital 120GB.

I have installed the disc wizard software on to my WD drive that currently contains win xp (sp3) operating system but when I run the disc wizard software it analyses disc C (my WD hdd) and then it analyses disc E (my new seagate drive) then it says that to use this software I need to have at lest one seagate or maxtor drive installed!

Can anyone help me make seagate disc wizard software recognise my new seagate drive?

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