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Installing new SATA hard drive...

  Simsy 07:06 29 Jan 2010


I've just taken delivery of a new PC for my dad, (which I've not even powered up yet), and an extra HDD to install in it.

I've never worked with SATA devices before... I know I'm going to have to get a sata lead to connect the device to the motherboard, and connect power to it...

One thing I'm not sure about is the Master/slave situation...

I believe I've heard/read that there is no such thing as master/slave difference with sata devices, and there are no jumpers to set. Is that right?

That being the case, how do I distinguish between the two drives for boot up purposes? I'm guessing that I get into the BIOS and there will be a choice between SATA sockets in the Boot Order menu... Is that right? (Sorry if this seems lazy... I'm trying to get it straight in my head before I start!)

Assuming it is as simple as that I guess I can just find the drive and then format/partition it once I'm in windows?

I've built a few PCs before, but not for a while, and never using SATA devices. I'd welcome any things I should look out for!

Thanks in advance,



  Simsy 08:47 29 Jan 2010

But I'm not sure how they'll be listed in the BIOS... Will I see, for example, SATA1 SATA2 SATA3 SATA4 ??




  Simsy 08:56 29 Jan 2010

That's the sort of thing I didn't know! Might have to be a bit of trial and error as both HDD are the same.

Still... at least I now know what to expect.

Thanks for your help.
I probably wont get into this until after the weekend, as i'm workign all weekend.
Hopefully I won't need to be back!



  Simsy 11:48 29 Jan 2010

Good luck with the SSD... I like the idea of that, but I guess they're a bit pricey at the moment.

Good luck,



  Simsy 12:37 29 Jan 2010

Nice to know.

I'll report back on this next week..!



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