Installing new RAM in oldish computer

  trimble5 10:37 07 Mar 2005

Ive got a 1200 amd chip on an ECS K7S5A motherboard with 128mb ram, it was running on Win 98 but kept locking up and took about 5 attempts to boot up, I've now bought 256mb of RAM extra, however when i put it onto board(with old 128MB) it begins to boot up but stops halfway through, or it doesn't even attempt to boot if i only use new 256mb RAM. Why is this? and , Why wont it boot up with both?
I have also attempted to install/run Win XP (on 128mb ram) it installed ok but certain programs like Norton wouldn't work neither would modem....Any thoughts???

  Pidder 11:08 07 Mar 2005

I would search the Net for the manual of the motherboard, may give some idea as to the type and quantity of RAM suitable. Also have you tried using scandisc or sfc on Windows98?

  jimv7 11:17 07 Mar 2005

Search crucial for the ram best fitted to your motherboard click here

  medicine hat 12:47 07 Mar 2005

Clearing the CMOS may help

  jono366 12:55 07 Mar 2005

Is it DDR ram you are tring to put in it??

  dan11 13:01 07 Mar 2005


Are you aware that this motherboard takes two types of ram.

1) sd ram

2) ddr ram

If you have mixed the modules, then the computer will not boot.

The first two slots under the cpu are ddr ram slots. The two below are sd ram slots.

Have you ram in the two different slots?

  trimble5 19:18 08 Mar 2005

It was SD ram previously on 128mb and its SD ram 256mb which wont work.........

How do i clear CMOS???? and what will that do?????

  trimble5 19:19 08 Mar 2005

PS thanks for help thus far to you all

  dan11 19:59 08 Mar 2005

To clear the cmos, you can short the pins on the motherboard. The jumper connection consists of 3 pins. Two of these pins are covered in a plastic sheath ( jumper ). When the sheath is moved to different pins, it shorts the cmos ( resets it ).

The pins on your board are marked JP4 click here

In normal operation the jumper will be on pins 2 +_ 3.

To clear the cmos, the jumper has to be on pins 1 + 2. They only have to be on for about 10 seconds. Then they can be put back to the normal position. e.g. 2 + 3.

If you do clear the cmos. The machine should be switched off, the power socket disconnected and you must earth yourself.

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