Installing new OS

  patchiesdad 10:38 21 Oct 2003

is it possible to install another version of windows on a computer running win95 using the windows disk I received with another machine, and if so, how do I go about it? Or will I need to purchase an upgrade? I have an oldish HP Vectra which I would like to upgrade, but it is running win 95. There are 2 partitions on the hard disk 1.99Gb each. I have formatted the one without the OS on using windows explorer. Can I go any further without buying an upgrade disk? It might seem a bit tight fisted, but I have this disk here with a perfectly good OS on it, and a legitimat product key. If I can use that, it would be a few more pence towards memory upgrade costs at least! Or am I suggesting something illegal?

  recap 10:48 21 Oct 2003

patchiesdad, if the Program is OEM then no, the program is registered to one machine and one machine only.

  keith-236785 10:53 21 Oct 2003

if you bought and paid for it and it isnt on another machine then go ahead and install it, one licence for one machine is what its all about.

if you have already installed it on another pc then the answer is no.

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