Installing new nVIDIA drivers

  alcudia 15:48 13 Nov 2003

I have recently upgraded my PC to XP Pro and have lost the proper gforce drivers that I had in ME as they have been replaced with the Microsoft driver, obviously in order to work.

This driver has none of the options I used to have so I have downloaded the lasted drivers from the nvidia site. It seems that you get evrything in one file, and the system sorts out what it needs.

What I cannot do is remove the existing driver as a document on the web site says must be done. There is no option in add/remove. If I remove in device manager it will just come back when I restart.

Can anyone let me know if it is just ok to double-click the 9mb file I have just downloaded and let things sort themselves out without removing the existing MS driver first.

Many thanks.

  DieSse 15:51 13 Nov 2003

I've never unloaded the old drivers - just loaded up the new ones - and it's never caused me any problems at all (which should be the kiss of death to anyone who tries to do the same, of course!).

  Jester2K II 15:52 13 Nov 2003

Run the program. The file only refers to the NVidia drivers and not the Windows own built in ones.

If you upgrade again you mist remove the NVidia drivers first, but not in this case as they aren't installed...

  carver 15:54 13 Nov 2003

The new NVIDIA drivers should over write the old ones with out any trouble.

  alcudia 15:55 13 Nov 2003

Thanks to you both.

DieSse, I will set a restore point first to avoide the "kiss of death" should it strike.

Thanks again.

  cycoze 15:56 13 Nov 2003

Try right clicking your desktop and select `properties` then select the `settings` tab , click on `advanced` , on the new screen select the `adapter` tab , now click on `properties` button.

Now on the new window select the driver tab , you should be able to uninstall the drivers from here.

  krall 16:01 13 Nov 2003

Like DieSse I just load new drivers over old ones and todate I've had no problems.

  alcudia 16:43 13 Nov 2003

So you can, thanks for that, but I think I'll just go over the top and look to heaven while I do it.

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