Installing new internal DVD player/burner

  Gateway 11:50 03 Jan 2005

My system currently includes an internal cd r/rw and a dvd rom. I would like to trade out the dvd rom for a new internal dvd r/rw to enable me to store video editing output, system backups etc. Is this process a matter of just unplugging the old dvd player, plugging in the new unit and letting the wizard do the rest? - or is it more complicated than that? Help.

  ACOLYTE 11:59 03 Jan 2005

Just about what you said but i would make the dvd burner the master and the cd/rw the slave.

  pj123 12:05 03 Jan 2005

Same as ACOLYTE has said. Except I would exchange it for the CD/RW and not the DVD Rom drive. A DVD burner will also burn CDs. I have a DVD Rom and a DVD burner. Plus you may also have to update your burning software to include DVD, unless, of course the DVD burner came with software.

  stuntmaster 12:22 03 Jan 2005

on that subject, i bought a DVD-RW from pc world, £40 to be exact Emprex 8x Dual (can support dual layer i think, if you do a firmware update), it did come with screws, cables, nero 6 reloaded OEM (still good as it burns everything), and it came with Cyberlink Dvd solution (power dvd, power producer, and [email protected]), id say go for this drive, as its clear to install, works, quiet, and very fast. 40x40x24 CD-ROM,CD-R,CD-RW and 12x8x4 DVD-ROM+,DVD-R+,DVD-RW+ and also! 12x4x4 DVD-ROM-,DVD-R-,DVD-RW- it also supports all writing methods as well, and lets say all my cd's + dvd's have burnt successfully.

oh yeah two more things, 1. has a seccond faceplate for a black case, and has website click here to download a software called liveupdate, this updates the firmware automatically as well.
id say £40 well spent even as its RETAIL as well!


  Gateway 19:33 06 Jan 2005

Thanks guys

  Gateway 21:40 19 Jan 2005

On trying to use new DVD burner I get the messages:

Master has caused an error in MASTER.EXE. Master will now close. or

Install has caused an error in INSTALL.EXE. Install will now close.

Also DVDs no longer autorun. Is this a master/slave problem or something more sinister?

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