Installing new Hard drive & OS.

  kelv61 17:16 20 Dec 2005

Hi.trying to install new HDD. Removed old one. (Maxtor20gigs). Put in new one(Maxtor40gigs) Also bought new XPhome disc to install on new Hard drive. Insert XPHome disc in C.Turn the PC on but nothing happens.Complete novice at this.Thought I'd save myself 4/5 hundred quid by not buying new machine. Can anyone help?

  SANTOS7 17:26 20 Dec 2005

How about this: Put old HDD back, put new in as slave (maxtor slave=no jumper/bridging block)install XPhome on 20gig master have 40gig slave for backups and other stuff......

  Gongoozler 17:41 20 Dec 2005

If you are installing XP from a CD, you may well have to enter BIOS setup (probably by pressing the Del key at bootup) to set the CD drive to be the first boot device.

  kelv61 17:57 20 Dec 2005

Hi Santos7. the prob i got there is that on the old hdd.I have XPPro. its got so much missing and deleted that it doesnt work properly.Also becuase I bought the machine 2nd hand I dont have the original XPPro disc to sort it. It wont allow me to overwrite with XPHome either,hence the new hardware.

  Diemmess 18:02 20 Dec 2005

SANTOS7 and Gongoozler have both made valid points.
You may not realise it, but a new HD will not show in My Computer until it has been formatted (given a sort of index).

So whether you decide to follow SANTOS7 advice and use the new HD for data or go the whole way and put XP on it, you will need to format it first.
As Gongoozler says make sure the computer will boot from a CD and then follow the prompts when you boot with your new XP CD.

Whichever way you decide you use the new HD either as the primary or as the secondary drive, I would recommend removing the other drive from the computer until XP is running, to avoid confusion.
i.e. If you install XP on the new disk, remove the old first and place the new HD in that position.
[This is the safest way if not the most elegant, because the original disk will be unchanged if the new installation is unsuccessful]

If you decide to upgrade the old HD to XP then do that first (backing up any precious data - in case)... and when all is running happily XP will cope with formatting the new (now secondary) HD

  Diemmess 18:12 20 Dec 2005

If the original disk system really is a mess, and you can burn cds with any precious data first, then I would boot from the XP Home CD and format the original one to wipe it absolutely.

Install XP Home on the cleansed old CD and when all is going again, introduce your Secondary new CD and format that as a very useful HD for data and most applications.

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