Installing a new hard drive on a laptop

  legalrep 15:56 02 Mar 2006

My laptops hard drive gave up the ghost the other day and I have been told it will cost me £170 labour to install a new one plus £100 for an 80g hard drive! This seems a little steep to me so how hard is it to install a new one I'm ok with computers and I have all the disks that came with the machine, could some one supply a basic idiots guide to installing a new hard drive. Does it come pre formatted etc. I have an HP laptop all the recovery disks etc.

  geewis357 16:47 02 Mar 2006

Hi legalrep
If your laptop is similar to mine then its just a few screws underneath and pull out the old and in with the new, stick in the setup disk and boot it up. The rest is just like any other pc.

Hope this helps.

  Gongoozler 17:11 02 Mar 2006

This is probably not the same as your laptop, but it might help click here

  legalrep 17:46 02 Mar 2006

Thanks Gongoozler that is really helpfull, I've reinstalled windows after wipping the hard drive and stuff like that, It cant be that difficult to replace the drive and re load everything, I have the original CD Roms so I guess all the drivers etc will be on them.?

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