Installing new hard disks

  MCM Direct 11:41 17 Oct 2003

I need some help, I've just bought some new seagate 40 gb hard disks to install on an NT4 server and NT4 machine there are fairly old, Pentium 2 MMX 233 server and Pentium 1 233 NT4 machine. I have managed to get the server to see the hard disk but only as an 8gb primary slave, and the NT4 machine will only allow me to create an 1gb partition and sees it also as a 8gb drive.
Is it that my bios is too old to recognize the size or am I doing something wrong???
Please help I'm pulling my hair out.

  plankton 11:58 17 Oct 2003

For starters, leave your hair alone.

Secondly log onto the Seagate site and download both the software for installing and that for fault diagnosis.

Once youve tried that, check your BIOS, see if theres any updates if it still wont let you change max disk size (although if you use the seagate s/w it should help a lot).

Keep smiling :o))

  MCM Direct 12:33 17 Oct 2003

Cheers I'll try that.

How would I upgarade my BIOS?

  plankton 12:37 17 Oct 2003

I've never done it, but I assume it'll be similar to upgrading s/w or drivers. Perhaps someone will enlighten us both (please)?

  stlucia 12:53 17 Oct 2003

Upgrading BIOS is very simple provided you follow instructions to the letter and, like plankton said, is very similar to upgrading a driver. The only daunting bit is all the warnings you get (or hear from others) about things being destroyed or unrecoverable by not following instructions.

But check here before you do it (if you need to do it, because Seagate software might solve your problem), and you'll get plenty of advice and support.

  SEASHANTY 14:56 17 Oct 2003

Some info on the 8.4GB hard drive limit on older equip is contained on this website page for fitting a hard drive (pages 1 and 2) click here

  MCM Direct 11:54 21 Oct 2003

Still not resolved my problem, ran the seagate install program but the BIOS still doesn't recognize the disk. I'm having real problems getting information on updating the BIOS.
Can anyone help?

  kingkenny 12:06 21 Oct 2003

I think i had read somewhere that older systems have a lot of trouble and are in some cases unable to identify drives over a certain size and thus only show this smaller size.

Your motherboard manufacturer should have info on upgrading BIOS.

  MCM Direct 12:10 21 Oct 2003

I have a ASUS P5A motherboard and have been to the website but can't find the information I need to help me!

  DieSse 12:35 21 Oct 2003

It doesn't necessarily matter if the BIOS doesn't detect the full capaity - the Segate Disk Wizard is designed to overcome the situation - but won't (and can't) change what the BIOS sees.

  plankton 12:43 21 Oct 2003

Some notes for you.. click here, and try here for your BIOS upgrade click here

Hope these help.

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