Installing new dvd drive

  rincewind66 14:04 03 Jul 2008

I am thinking of fitting a Lg GSA-H55N drive to replace my broken drive and wondered how easy this was to do. Also I am on XP with 1Gb of ram and wanted to increase this to the maximum. Is 3Gb the best or 4Gb as I have been told different things by people.

  interzone55 14:14 03 Jul 2008

You won't need more than 2gb with XP, but if it will make you feel better go for 3gb, but don't put more in because a 32 bit OS just won't see it.

As for the DVD drive, simply a matter of opening the case, removing the front panel, sliding the old drive out and slotting the new one in it's place. That is providing it uses the same connections. Your old drive is most likely an IDE (ATA or PATA) drive, but some new ones use SATA connections, in which case you'll just have to ensure you've got a spare SATA plug on the mobo, and a spare SATA power connector.

  rincewind66 15:23 03 Jul 2008

Thanks for the info. Out of interest why won't I need more than 2Gb, would'nt 3Gb be quicker.

  gazzaho 19:18 03 Jul 2008

Windows 32bit can only address 4GB total ram. So if your graphics card had 1GB ram then only 3GB of system memory in a 4GB system would be addressed because the video card memory is included, plus they say that windows 32bit only allocates 2GB to applications so any more is wasted. If your motherboard supports 3GB then it would be OK I guess, but some motherboards only support ram in pairs, for instance 2x1GB modules for 2Gb ram or 2x2GB modules for 4GB ram, your motherboard may not do 3x1GB or 1x2GB+1GB modules.

There are various technical web sites on the net explaining it, try doing a google search.

  interzone55 21:03 03 Jul 2008

When I had XP I used to have 1.5gb of RAM and never came close to using it all, so it isn't worth the expense of getting more 2gb.

Gazzaho is quite correct, 32 bit Windows only allocates 2gb to applications. I have a server at work with 8gb of RAM. We have to use 32 bit version of Windows 2003 because our application isn't available in 64 bit, the last 6gb of RAM has lain unused since we booted the server up in January.

We'd be able to access the other 6gb if we used virtualisation, but the program is using the 2 quad core Xeon's to the max anyway...

  MarvintheAndroid 21:09 03 Jul 2008

I agree with alan14 - 2GB is more than enough. Trust me, I'm a robot.


  interzone55 21:11 03 Jul 2008

Life...Don't talk to me about life...

  rincewind66 09:08 04 Jul 2008

Thanks for the advice everyone. Will get 2x512mb as my system does work in pairs and i already have 2x512mb. Thanks again.

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