Installing new DVD drive...

  [DELETED] 11:16 09 Mar 2006

Hi all,

I passed on my NEC 2500a DVD reader writer to a friend who will put it in place of his old CD read/writer.

He has called me to say that it seems to install correctly, but then has an error message saying something along the lines of:
'Error installing new hardware, it may not work correctly.' I have asked for the exact wording.

He is running XP home, as I am so he should have all the right drivers etc. (?)

There are the little pins on the back of the unit with a small plastic 'jumper' cap on one end of the three little pins.
I think that can tell the PC which is his primary drives etc?
Would moving that about help? Perhaps there is a conflict with another drive of sorts regarding that pin?

The unit was running fine when it left here.

Thank you.


  [DELETED] 11:23 09 Mar 2006

it depends which cable he is connecting it to. It may not be the same as was on your machine.

You need to find out whether it is being connected to either a master or slave connector, and set the jumper (the little pins on the back) accordingly. There should be a diagram on the drive itself.

Master cable connectors are black, slave are grey.

  [DELETED] 11:26 09 Mar 2006

There are no special drivers required, you may be correct about the jumpers though. Heres some pics of jumpers click here now I know its a hard drive but an optical drive is exactly the same. Make sure if its on the same IDE cable as the hard drive that the DVD is set as slave or if its on the other IDE channel make sure that its not set as the same as any other drive on the same cable. If you look on the top of the DVD case it will tell you what the jumpers settings are.

  [DELETED] 11:37 09 Mar 2006

He moved the little black jumper to the middle setting (pins) and all is working 100% now.

Many thanks all for looking in.


  Stuartli 11:39 09 Mar 2006

>>Master cable connectors are black, Slave are grey.>>

That's a new one on me...

A jumper will be supplied with the optical drive and, on the rear, you will find a small line of pins - there should be Master and Slave markings to indicate where the jumper should be placed depending on requirement.

A rewriter is normally set as the Master and another drive on the same Secondary IDE cable (such as a CD/DVD-ROM) set as Slave.

  [DELETED] 12:02 09 Mar 2006

Don't know what you mean. If you look at the end of any IDE cable there are two connectors, master and slave. One is black and one is grey. At least they are on the scores of machines I've dealt with.

  Stuartli 13:11 09 Mar 2006

I was thinking of flat IDE cables...:-)

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