Installing A New Drive

  D-Frame 10:43 17 Feb 2004

I currently have Win98 Pentium 2 computer and i want to put a new 60GB Hard drive on there. I used your workhop tutorials about how to Install a second hard drive, but it hasnt worked. Im very new to the world of "inside your tower". Could someone please help me.

I currently have a
Floppy Disk A: Drive
2GB C: Drive
CD Rom D: Drive
And A Thing For Tapes Or Something...

  Gongoozler 11:12 17 Feb 2004

Hi D-Frame. First to clear up a confusion. I presume you mean the tutotials in PCA magazine. They aren't "ours", we are just readers of the magazine and members of the forum like you, but we're all willing to share our knowledge to help a fellow forum member.

You say that you have followed the tutorials but it hasn't worked. The first thing you need to do is to set the link on the new drive into the "Slave" position. Then fix the drive into a spare bay and connect the second ide connector that is on the same cable as the first drive. Then plug in a spare power connector. The CD ROM drive is best on the secondary IDE cable. The "Thing For Tapes Or Something" is probably a zip drive or some other backup device. If you don't intend to use it, I would suggest removing it. Now switch on your computer and while it's booting up, watch for a message that says something like "Press del for setup". Press the appropriate key (probably the Delete key), and you will be in the BIOS setup screen. Select the "Standard CMOS Features" menu (or whatever the equivalent is for your BIOS. You should now see a list of all the drives. If your new drive isn't shown as the IDE Primary slave, check that this position is set to Auto, and if it isn't, make it so. What you do next depends on your BIOS, you may be able to auto detect the drives, or you may have to reboot. Save and exit the BIOS and let us know the results so far.

  D-Frame 11:19 17 Feb 2004

Do i have the use some sort of jumper?

  rickf 11:23 17 Feb 2004

Yes you have to set it to either master or slave by resetting the little clip at the back of the h/d as you wish.

  Quiller. 11:51 17 Feb 2004

This may help you with the jumper here

This is for a seagate drive. All drives will have the jumper settings on the top of the hard drive.

  Gongoozler 12:49 17 Feb 2004

If you have difficulty finding the correct position for the jumper, post back with the make and model of your drive and we'll see if we can point you in the right direction.

Depending on what motherboard you have you may have problems getting your BIOS to recognise the full 60G of your hard drive. Let us know and we'll see if we can help you get round that one as well.

  D-Frame 13:18 17 Feb 2004

ok silly me i put the jumper in the far right point (thinking it was the master). My 60GB harddive is:
(WESTERN DIGITAL) Calviar 60 UDMA 100 2MB 7200

^ Thats what it says in the advert in the PCA mag

I have used the information from the Seagate page and started up my computer. It just freezes on:
Detecting IDE Primary Master ... [Press F4 to skip]

I press F4 (just ot see if anything happens) and it doesnt do anything. So i press DEL andit takes me to the BIOS. I click "Standard CMOS Features" and then i change Primary Master and Primary Slave to AUTO and in the last coloumn i change it to AUTO, but it keeps doing the same thing, freezing on the detecting business.

  Iwasaki 13:57 17 Feb 2004

To be honest, I doubt that the motherboard of that age and era will accept a 60GB HDD.

  D-Frame 14:05 17 Feb 2004

mkay ;) I got that HDD for free.. i'll keep it for future use :D

  Gongoozler 20:38 17 Feb 2004

If you really want to use the 60G drive in your computer, you can probably do so with a PCI IDE card. This product from Innovision looks like it should do the job click here,
and at under £12 including postage from Ebuyer, you may consider it to be worth the risk of trying it anyway click here.

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