Installing my XP CDROM on my other computer

  stoner 16:06 14 May 2003

It might not be strictly legit but its only for my own private use and I wonder what Windows would say if I try to upgrade my other desktop with my XP Pro CDROM recovery disk which runs on my new desktop?
Any ideas out there?

  AndySD 16:09 14 May 2003

The fact that its illegal is niether here nor there in your case....its just not possable to do this with a recovery disk.

  Legolas 16:14 14 May 2003

If you try and run a recovery disk on a system it is not specifically for you will mess up that system I tried it a few years ago and it resulted in the system being completely corrupted and me having to do a format and reinstall.

  PSF 16:15 14 May 2003

If you did manage to install it after 30 days it will not work if you have not registered it with Microsoft.

XP is one copy for one pc only.

  Legolas 17:16 14 May 2003

PSF XP Pro does not have product activation only XP Home

  PSF 17:37 14 May 2003

Thanks for that, I thought Pro had to activated as well. You learn something new every day.

I have XP home on my two pc's, one upgrade and the other full. I presumed Pro was the same with activation.

  stoner 19:39 14 May 2003

Well you guys .......... its me again!
First Legolas is wrong!
I have XP Pro (OEM) & it DOES need activation!
Second, I just have this sneaky feeling that I am such a whizz with computers that I am going to try what you all tell me I can't do - set up XP Pro on a second machine.
Will come back in an hour or two and let you all know what has happened!
Will I be KIngPin or HumblePie?
The one & only ......

  Rayuk 19:47 14 May 2003

You will be able to load it onto your other pc activating it is another matter.

  VoG™ 19:49 14 May 2003

I can't wait to hear the result........

  PSF 19:52 14 May 2003

I have just looked on the XP site click here and it looks like you do have to activate XP Pro...

an extract from the page.

'If I bought a new PC from an OEM with Windows XP Home Edition pre-activated on it and then upgraded to a retail upgrade of Windows XP Professional, what would happen with the Home Edition's pre-activation?
Since the upgrade to Windows XP Professional is a retail upgrade, it over-rides the OEM's pre-activation of Windows XP Home Edition. You will be required to activate the Windows XP Professional upgrade.'

  Granger 19:58 14 May 2003

I've been wondering cos Mesh sent me a XP Home recovery disk with the system by mistake, then sent the proper XP Pro disk. That XP Home disk has been looking at me, saying, "Just think, I could make that useless Dell laptop work so much better than WinME. Go, on, you know it mocks sense." I'd still have to use the same product key, but surely you can use the software on another PC if you've stopped using it on the original PC?

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