installing Millenium Me over Windows XP

  Junio 21:20 15 Aug 2003

I have tried to install Millenium Me over Windows XP and now experiencing all sorts of problems with starting up and closing down. Amongst the error notices that appear, I am told that some of the Windows XP configeration files cannot be changed to suit Millenium Me. How do I remove Windows XP without causing problems to other programs. Please help me.
Many thanks Junio

  sil_ver 21:30 15 Aug 2003

I think you should reformat and clean install ME but backup anything that you want to keep.

  The Sack 21:30 15 Aug 2003

you cant retro install an OS without removing the newer one first.

  woodchip 21:31 15 Aug 2003

Not possible

  xania 21:59 15 Aug 2003

You cannot expect an earlier program to be able to cope with something that came later - in effect that is what you are trying to do. You might just as well have trieds to install '95 over the top of XP.

Frankly, I wonder why you would want to bother. XP is far superior to ME, and far more stable.

  Rtus 23:26 15 Aug 2003

Removing Xp(ntfs)and returning to a previous O/s is possible ..And can be very time consuming .however Not only do you require complete removal of Xp but will require Motherboard Bios to be reset to defaults/fail safe defaults..(level of difficulty depending on type of Mother board ) consult mobo manual for correct method. Boot to floppy of O/s of choice Fdisk the drive,Format and install O/S.. BUT Do Make sure you find all drivers that are required ,Or at least where to down load them from..

  The Sack 23:56 15 Aug 2003

Junio may have chosen FAT 32 on the XP install for all you know.

Either or you cant do it.

  JIM 00:06 16 Aug 2003

Can you give us some more info to help us help you.Your Win/os and systems/systems speck.. :)

  leo49 01:43 16 Aug 2003

Accept you've made a cock-up, scrap it and start from scratch.


  Rtus 19:35 16 Aug 2003

Please note I agree with your post...

BUT as posted above if file system is FAT 32 or NTFS Methods the same as posted above .. & what leo49 says is the only option for this situation ..

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