Installing memory modules

  volpone02 10:59 19 Aug 2004

I would like to increase my computer memory, currently 512MB but some of it used by on-board graphics.The manual tells me there are 3 184-pin DIMM sockets of which 2 are currently filled with a 256MB DDR333 PC2700 module in each.
It seems to me that simply inserting another 256MB module in the 3rd socket would suffice. However, there is a note in the manual which says "Please use DIMM1+DIMM3 or DIMM2+DIMM3 to get better performance" Can anyone tell me what this means? And will adding another module in the 3rd socket achieve what I am after.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated before I fork out.

  cherria 12:13 19 Aug 2004

I think it is just suggesting that if you have 2 modules the best place for them is 1+3 or 2+3

Obviously if you have 3 modules you have to use all 3 slots.

Buying the memory you suggest will almost certainly achieve what you are after.

  ste_bla 13:03 19 Aug 2004

It could be prehaps your memory is run in dual channel and thats why only using 2 of the three channels is best..

What mobo do you have?

  volpone02 13:17 19 Aug 2004

The motherboard is Leadtek Winfast K7NCR 18G-Pro and the manual says it supports memory dual channel access but I am not sure I know what this means.
The manual also says it supports 3 184-pin DDR DIMMs; up to 3GB; and supports 128-bit memories.

  ste_bla 19:46 24 Aug 2004

Dual channel means if you have 2 identical (same size and speed) Ram modules it doubles the bandwibth between the Ram and the rest of the system thats why it says only use 2 at a time

  Dorsai 20:30 24 Aug 2004

As this Mobo would appear to have the option to use a seperate AGP card, with it's own memory, what do others think of the option to buy a AGP GFX card, so freeing up the memory used by the on-board GFX?

click here

512MB would seem enough, if only it was all avaliable for windowz.

Of course you would appear to be able to add a 3rd dimm, and you can't have too much ram.

But which solution would offer the best cost versus performance gain?

I must admit to having 1gig ram, and agp card, not onboard agp, but my system never seems to use more than 25% of the avaliable ram, so i have more than i need. hence 512 would sweem enough.


  Sans le Sou 22:40 24 Aug 2004

Dual channel means you have 2 memory controllers acting independently and thus performing separate functions speeding up the process. Using the slot configs as the book says means using adjacent slots without a gap in between. You can use your third slot as each slot is connected to both controllers. The most important thing is to match your memory.

  woodchip 23:13 24 Aug 2004

"memory is run in dual channel" that does not had up he as odd number how would he fit four into three.

I would suggest that cherria as got it right

  volpone02 23:33 24 Aug 2004

Thanks for all your responses so far. If nothing else,I now know a little more than I knew before.
On the other hand, I am not sure whether to add an AGP card as has been suggested or extra memory. It would seem that I am left with @ 390MB of system memory after the on-board graphics takes its share. I use mainly the major word processing,spreadsheet and database software although I do get involved from time to time with fairly complicated presentation graphics and photo/graphics manipulation.

Once again, many thanks

  Sans le Sou 09:11 25 Aug 2004

As your slots support it, probably a good but fairly expensive option would be to get a matched pair of 512Mb modules and use 2 slots as advised.
Depends if you need a super graphics card or not as adding a card will give an extra 128Mb of system RAM plus the graphics card memory. Could be about the same in money terms.

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