installing memory

  beb 12:40 01 Oct 2006

just ordered a 512mb memory , at the mo ive got 256 ( 2x 128 ) only 2 memory slots on m/b can i leave 1x 128 and install the 512 making 640 or is best just to install the 512 ......any help much appriciated .

  Totally-braindead 12:45 01 Oct 2006

It depends on your motherboard. In general yes it should be ok providing your motherboard supports the 512 you bought. If you know the make/model of your motherboard or if its a branded PC you can find info on it on the Crucial website. It will tell you what your computer can take click here

  spuds 13:17 01 Oct 2006

If the memory is compatible to each other and the motherboard, then installing both sticks should be fine. I always install the bigger MB stick in slot1, and the lower MB stick in the next slot. Always seems to work fine for me and my computer's.

  beb 13:18 01 Oct 2006

thanks for the reply and the link to web site , odd thing is when i run the system check via the web site it tells me ive already got 512 (2x256) of memory , but i know ive not and when i click control panel > system it tells me ive got 256 . Ive def ordred the correct memory .

  Totally-braindead 13:29 01 Oct 2006

Do you perhaps have onboard graphics, if so that may be where the other 256mb has gone.

  beb 13:40 01 Oct 2006

yes it has onboard graghics (not used ) , but also a agp slot that i now use ( ati 9200se 128 ) dose the web site read all memory installed ?

  spuds 16:51 01 Oct 2006

Download and run one or all three of these SIW click here Belarc click here Everest (ex Aida32) click here They will tell you what your computer contains, and other useful information.All are freeware, so use them as you please.

  Totally-braindead 17:59 01 Oct 2006

The Crucial "Scan My System" is what you have run I presume and if you do have the memory it says then I can only presume the site is not reading it properly, as has been suggested try SIW Belarc or Everest and see what they say.

  beb 00:11 03 Oct 2006

hi...ive only got 256mb as i thought..been doing alot of searching confussed now....i ran SIW and it tells me " max memory size 512mb "
ran Everest got make and model of motherboard as MSI MS-6511 got info as :
4 memory banks (2 slots) using three 168-pin unbuffered DIMM
Single- or double-sided DIMMS with gold-plated contacts with clock specifications of 100 or 133 MHz
Supports a maximum memory size of 1 GB
512 (128-bit technology) or 256 MB (64-bit technology) registered DIMMs
1 GB unregistered DIMMS (256-bit technology)
ECC memory checking is not supported
from this info can i assume i can go up to 1gb of memory or only 512mb as SIW says .
sorry to be a pain chaps .

  spuds 08:54 03 Oct 2006

Appears as though the board may hold up to 1GB of memory. It would also seem as though the two versions of OEM motherboards were produced for Packard Bell Version 1 10/05/2001 click here Version 2 05/02/2003 click here

You might also find this interesting click here

  beb 21:41 27 Oct 2006

got 2 512mb in the end fitted and running no probs sorry about the delay in responding , many thanks for your help

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