installing linux mint ..... almost sorted

  KEITH 1955 15:35 17 Dec 2016

I installed linux mint 18 but when the pc boots up i only see a menu for linux options or memory tests,i do not see an option to choose between windows and linux. i am wondering if i inadvertantly deleted the windows operating system because when i ran the instalation disc that was burnt automatically through nero i remember lots of questions to do with partitions and i know i said yes to all of them . could i have deleted the windows vista from my pc without realising it.

dont panic i am NOT putting anyone at risk as this post has been sent from a windows 10 pc WITH anti virus.

i dont have anti virus on the linux pc because i cant get any working, comdo downloaded and said dependancy is not satisfied and stopped installing , sophos installed but just showed a page of script , all other freebies i tried generate an error saying error loading archive. can anyone recommend a free av that works.

  Jollyjohn 16:51 17 Dec 2016

At risk of repeating myself...


The correct way to install stuff on Linux is to use the Package Manager, Synaptic, for Mint.

Find Synaptic Package Manager and open it, you will be prompted for your password. In the search box type Anti virus and search. Clamav should be listed, tick the box and "Mark for installation" Then Apply.

To update your system. Open Synaptic, select Reload, Mark all updates, Apply. Once completed Logout and log in again.

Hope this helps, come back if you have any more questions."

During the installation you would have been given the optionss

"Use entire hard drive" or

"Install alongside"

I have paraphrased the exact wording but it would appear you selected the first option. If you want to dual boot then you will need to install Windows first, deleting the Linux install and then re installing it later. Windows is less tolerant of other operating systems on the same PC than Linux.

  Jollyjohn 16:52 17 Dec 2016

Part two.....

I don't have Anti Virus running on this Linux box............

  Belatucadrus 20:14 17 Dec 2016

Go to Menu / Accessories / Disks, it'll show you what's on your hard drive partitions and if there's anything significant still allocated to Windows in another partition.

You say " almost sorted " not sure I agree it's not behaving as I'd expect. If you have accidentaly scrapped your Windows installation and aren't too bothered by its loss I'd be tempted to rerun the installation. only this time running it to reformat the complete disk and replace all files on it.

  LastChip 01:50 18 Dec 2016

These guys have said it all. However, to labour the point, You CANNOT use Windows applications in Linux. It is a completely different operating system and you have to think differently when installing applications.

There's two main ways of installing applications, from the package manger - easy (as already stated), or from the command line, which I do not recommend until you've found you're way around a bit.

I wouldn't get too hung up about anti-virus software. If you really want it, clamav is the default Linux anti-virus system. However, I've been using Linux exclusively for over a decade now and have never installed a anti-virus and have never had any issues at all.

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