Installing JUST 64bit Windows 10

  PhillyG76 04:08 13 Jan 2019

I’m currently building a new desktop PC consisting of an Intel i5 9600k CPU, Asus Z370-G mATX board, one 8GB Corsair vengeance 2400mHz ram module (will add more), and plan on fitting a Samsung 500GB SSD for the OS and device drivers and maybe some games, and a Western Digital Black 4tb HDD.

My question is, can you get by installing just the 64 bit version of Windows 10 only? As is seems most places I’ve seen online sell packages with both 32&64bit together. And I’m thinking if you can save money by not having the 32bit version and using less hard disk space and clutter.

What are the disadvantages of not installing the 32 bit version as well? The only thing I can think is there may well still be a lot of software that is 32bits? But if that’s the case, would they still run on the 64bit version of Windows 10? Is there any other points to bear in mind that I’m not aware of? Because looking through some program files you see what appears to be duplicate versions of programs except one is for 64bit and the other 32bit, and I think what is the point in having the 32bit files/folders cluttering up storage space if it will never be used?

Am I thinking in the right lines with this idea?

Many thanks in advance for any useful help received!

  Kevin Alders 04:42 13 Jan 2019

Am I thinking in the right lines with this idea?

No. I'll let someone else go into the details.

  alanrwood 08:55 13 Jan 2019

you need to only install either the 32 or 64 bit versions, not both unless you wish to dual boot because you have some software that specifically needs a specific version. I would choose 64 bit as that is the way forward and 32 bit is a bit backward looking.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:47 13 Jan 2019

You get both versions on the same DVD for the same price. There are very few programs that require just the 32bit version so install the 64bit.

  KEITH 1955 11:00 13 Jan 2019

Hi Philly alan is right 64bit is the way to go. As you seem to be spending a lot of money I would fit 16 ram now instead of adding later . With regards to storage I have a 450 gb ssd for the op sys and other things that you cant "custom install" on another drive. Not being funny but why on earth do you want a 4tb hdd for your second drive. My second drive is a 900gb ssd and I use it for steam and other games plus all other items that can be custom installed.

I googled the 4tb western digital hdd and my Kingston 960 ssd and their is only about £20 difference in price so personally I would go 960 ssd , smaller storage than you want but higher speed , also no noise due to no moving parts.

  Flat Earther 13:06 13 Jan 2019

"see what appears to be duplicate versions of programs except one is for 64bit and the other 32bit"

The 64bit OS can still run 32bit software, that's why you have the 2 Program folders, one being (x86)

That's just a feature of the 64bit OS, it doesn't mean you have installed the 32bit version too.

  PhillyG76 13:59 13 Jan 2019

Thanks people, I figured everyone would say 64bit, but just wondered if there was a reason the 32bit version is still available and that both versions seem to be sold together not just 64 bit on its own.

I plan on using it for games, and they do seem to be getting a lot bigger. There didn’t seem much difference in price between a 2tb and 4tb so thought I may as well spend the extra incase I start putting music apps, games, who else knows. But that’s worth considering your idea so thank you. And thanks to all the others who’ve helped. Cheers.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:10 13 Jan 2019

some old chips could only use the 32 bit version.

  PhillyG76 00:25 26 Jan 2019

Many thanks for the replies. Most of you have said what I was thinking, in going for the 64bit version. I guess why it’s been troubling me, is why do they still offer 32bit, I know there will still be a few 32bit PC’s about, but if they’re that old, I’d imagine they’d not be that powerful to run Windows 10. And was thinking maybe there’s some programs that are still only 32bit. But again many thanks for the help people. And hope one day I can offer some help back.

  KEITH 1955 10:06 26 Jan 2019

Hi philly glad we could help , you are right about games getting bigger , with all the updates for example GTA V is currently 82GB. As i said my games ssd is 900gb , if you are worried about running out of space use the steam client to download or store games. If you uninstall a game in steam you can uninstall it but you dont loose it , it stays their "greyed out" ready for when you decide you want to use it again , also it will have kept your progress from last time.

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