installing an intenal dvd rw

  molby5 13:46 15 May 2010

hi there,
i have purchaed a sony dvd rw drive to fit into my dell pc.
i have opened it up and there are some cables thats are free but there plugs at the end of the cables are tiny little holes wheras the holes at the back of the dvd are then lines of plastic?
any ideas on how to get it installed?


  jack 14:01 15 May 2010

So it depends on the age of your Dell

Older machines used IDE ribbon cables with large flat connectors for the MoBo and each dreive.
These cables usually have spare connectors for extra units.
Do a Google for IDE - for example
click here
The current system plugs and sockets ATA or SATA look like USB[ of which they appear to be a variant
click here

So swap the new unit for the system you have.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:06 15 May 2010

Sounds as if the DVD is SATA and your machine cables are IDE

You may have SATA ports on your motherboard and then you'll need some cables to connect the drive to the sata port and power supply.

  onthelimit 15:04 15 May 2010

If as FB says - Maplins are a good source for plugs, and adaptors if your MOBO has the wrong sockets.

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