installing intel(R) 536 v92 modem - help please

  prozac1947 19:41 05 May 2003

After a lot of probs I was give some good advice to reformat my hard drive, I have (after several hours !!) managed to do this and to re-install all my programmes

When i first had this comp it took me 3 days to figure out how to install the modem, unfortunately I did not write down how !! and am now in the same position.

With the modem I had a disk (Mentor) with Fax modem written on it. When you play it there are 3 options Read me Manual and Install software - which is just Internet Explorer/yahoo etc. When I get into Device Manager/modem/Intel - there is no choice of the model I have. If you put disk in and press "Have disc" it says it does not have required information and to type in what I want ??????????? I have had to set up my old comp which is a shell and I really need to find out how to put the modem into the other machine.

  hugh-265156 19:54 05 May 2003

slot it and windows should install drivers for it.try windows update or try click here

  prozac1947 20:04 05 May 2003

Thanks huggy but my prob is it doesn't recognise the disc that came with it and I can't download drivers for it anyway as, until the modem is installed, I haven't got the Internet on that comp !!!

  hugh-265156 20:09 05 May 2003

just try slotting it in then turn on computer and it should install ok.or if it doesnt can you get sombody to download and save to disc for you?

as huggy says if you physically instal the modem windows will have a driver that is able to make it go then if you go to windows update it will find a better one if there is one. or seeing as youare online now go to and download the driver with the machine u are using. forget the disk you have got

  prozac1947 20:28 05 May 2003

How do I get the downloaded driver to the other machine ?? There is'nt a sign saying modem in the devices manager as I can't put the name in - it keeps saying it can't detect a modem.

  hugh-265156 20:30 05 May 2003

have a look in your bios and enable the modem here.after you slot it in.turn on and windows should detect it ok.

put it on a floppy then use the Instal new hardware applet in the control should detect the modem and ask if you have a driver or most likely will find one of its own.

  hugh-265156 20:42 05 May 2003

ok i have just grabbed my old v92 and slotted it in enabled in my bios turned on and windows xp home says found new hardware aztec v92 pci modem and just installed the drivers disc needed.

happy days,

  prozac1947 21:50 05 May 2003

Okay I am going to back to my old computer. I just hope the bios is somewhere in the motherboard icon that comes up at the beginning!!!!!!!!!!!!The modem is actually in the machine so here we go and just in case I am putting a couple of drivers on a floppy - thanks for help - hope I see you again !!!!!!!!!!!!

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