installing heat sink

  pc mad 18:57 08 Nov 2004

hello i am about to install a heat sink and fan on to a p4, the new heatsink came with a small tube of thermal paste,how much of this should i put on the cpu, some one was telling me that its best to use thermal pads instead of the paste, so should i get some thermal pads instead?, many thanks for any advice

  woodchip 19:02 08 Nov 2004

If there is no pad on the heatsink, put about half ins square in the centre of the heatsink, you may be able to see the chip on the CPU just put some on the chip in the centre. Not on both only on one ether Heatsink or CPU

  PA28 19:02 08 Nov 2004

Use as little paste as possible - the very thinnest smear. It is to ensure that there is an effective (airtight) seal between processor and sink to allow heat to transfer through to the sink. When the processor is running it'll get very hot and the last thing you need is melted gunk running down the sides doing no good at all and possibly some harm.

  spuds 19:07 08 Nov 2004

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