installing a graphics card

  cutie 10:16 13 Feb 2004

Hi all my first time here i have just tried to install a radeon 9200 graphics card to my pc but its to big it wont fit any ideas please please
fron cutie

  JerryJay 10:31 13 Feb 2004

If it is physically too big, nothing can be done unless you cut something off. Actually, you can get a "Low Profile" one if you only need 9200. This kind of card only half width. I got one from ebuyer for £42 click here. You can find the picture from manufacture's web site: click here. Very good card for me, but it is 9200SE not 9200 (slightly slower). Watford sell a low profile 9200 click here, but I cannot find picture and am not really sure it is 9200 or 9200SE. If you find it out, can you drop me a line. By the way, do you have a small PC case otherwise there should not be any problem to fit normal card in.

  961 10:33 13 Feb 2004

In what way is it too big?

Are there too many connectors to fit into the slot, or is there not enough space physically in between other cards and equipment?

  cutie 10:34 13 Feb 2004

hi jerry i only need the video out thing that is on it the little bits that are spose to slot in are are to far back to slot in

  MAJ 10:35 13 Feb 2004

Make sure you're not trying to plug it into a white PCI slot, rather than the brown AGP slot, cutie, if it's an AGP graphics card, that is.

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