Installing Game on Hard Drive

  Samwise Gamgee 19:20 25 Apr 2005

I play a lot of Scrabble on my lappy (sad I know lol). I would like to know if it is possible to copy the CD onto my hard drive so I don't have to keep putting it into my reader? What I want to do is basically just click on the icon on my desktop and have the game run from there without needing the disk. Is this possible? if so how do I do it? Idiot proof intructions please if possible - Thanks

  Technotiger 19:24 25 Apr 2005

Hi, it is not possible, sorry. Although having said that, I think there might be a program that allows the set-up of a virtual drive on your hard-drive, which supposedly means that what you want is possible; but I have never heard of it actually working.


  Pooke100 19:31 25 Apr 2005

It's written into the software on most games to check for the cd in the drive before loading. It does this to stop piracy, to make sure you have an original copy of the game, I don't think it needs the disk to actually load and run the game.

I'll keep watching this thread cos I'd prefer not to have to swap disks all the time myself.

  Carpigiani 19:42 25 Apr 2005

No CD patches are available for many games to allow you to run the game without inserting the CD.
click here

  Completealias 20:59 25 Apr 2005

You can get software that make a virtual cd drive and then mount the image of the disc on this drive deamon tools found here is free and may do what you need click here

  Praxis99 00:13 26 Apr 2005

Yes it is possible you just need the free software from the link provided by Completealias.

You then need to copy your game CD to the hard drive using a programme such a Nero. DTools will then mount the game in a virtual drive.

I have used this for the odd game and also to speed up re-install of key programmes and driver discs upon a periodic XP re-install and also for instance when required to insert a disc for MS Office updates, as well as to run DVD's copied as ISO images to my hard dive. So long as you have the disk space it should not be a problem.

DTools offers various emulation options I have found I get the best results by running with safedsc on and have only some across only one or 2 CD's that I could not 'load' with this programme.

Occasionally you may come across a disk that won't allow you to copy it using Nero or similar, in which case try this link click here and download the demo.

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