Installing game from DVD

  Plastic Dracula 07:10 01 Mar 2005

I am trying to install Pro Evolution 4 onto my PC.
However my PC will not read the DVD.
I know that my PC is not multi region so do games come as region 1, region 2 etc?
I know that the disk is ok because my DVD player reads it. Not much use for playing the game though.
Any ideas?

  Diodorus Siculus 07:19 01 Mar 2005

Will the PC read any DVD / CD? If it reads CDs, but not DVDs the DVD laser may be dead.

What happens when you put in the DVD? Does the light come on / disk spin?

  Plastic Dracula 07:22 01 Mar 2005

It reads other DVD's
I even tried a region 1 DVD and it read it and told me it couldnt play it without changing the settings to region 1
Unfortunately I can only change the settings 5 times!!
At the moment all that happens is the light flashes and the disc spins

  Plastic Dracula 17:24 01 Mar 2005

It gets better. Just tried it on my dads PC and it works.

Are there any specific settings to my machine which might make a difference?

Its an e-machines PC with a TST TS-H552B DVD drive

Any ideas?

  platty100 17:39 01 Mar 2005

This might work
Right click my computer icon on desktop then/ properties / then hardware tab/ device manager/ ide ata.atapi controllers /secondary ide channel double click this / then advance /then change the dvd drive to “pio mode” setting from “dma mode .This might help you can always change it back to dma mode when it has Installed

  Plastic Dracula 19:41 01 Mar 2005

No, that didnt work either.

Any more ideas?

  gudgulf 23:43 01 Mar 2005

I know this is not much help but the problem is almost certainly to do with copy protection on the DVD.It happened with the game FarCry as well when that came out....some DVD drives simply could not read the DVD.There is probably not much you can do about it if this is the case other than get a new drive.Or if your dad does not play games do a swap with his drive.

  Zaphod Beeblebrox 01:04 02 Mar 2005

do you have any apps for backing up your cd's/dvd's running as some games react badly to this some wont install at all

  pc moron 01:28 02 Mar 2005

Tried a firmware update?

click here

  Plastic Dracula 10:30 02 Mar 2005

Thanks for the info.

I will try the firmware update later and let you know

I use Nero for backing up CD's and DVD's, dont think it is running in the background but I will check

  Plastic Dracula 17:22 02 Mar 2005

Tried installing the firmware but it wouldnt let me.
Did a search for ts-h552b firmware and most pages talked about ts01,ts02,ts03 etc
Mine is GA02

Why the difference? Anyone know?

And, can I upgrade the firmware if it is GA02?

Thanks again

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