Installing a game

  dazza39 08:33 03 Jun 2003

I know you don't have a Games section,but can anyone help,i have just bought Microsofts Rise of Nations for my PC,to my despair it won't install the game,i get past the first stage of setup-ie keying in the 25 product code,then it comes up with an eclamation mark,and says "Please install Disc 1 in Drive C",the disk is already in Drive C???.
Prior to getting to that stage i get a message on the set up screen as follows "set up cannot install sys files or update shared files if they are in use,close any open apllications",i don't have any open applications????.
The product only comes with 1 Disc,i have changed the game for another where i bought it,but same problem.
I have WIN98,i have other games which install and play okay,but not this one.Microsoft support site is a nightmare to navigate.Any help would be appreciated.

  moore_mat 09:18 03 Jun 2003


Can't find a lot out there about installation issues - I've not got the game myself, but have just hunted around the net quickly. The official Micro$oft site is just to sell it, not to support it...
There is a fan site which details more problems - in particular:-
click here

See if your CD drive is listed - it could be the copyright going a little off the rails - there is also a forum on this site, so they may be able to offer more help than we can.

Best of luck either way and I hope it gets sorted soon!



  dazza39 13:50 03 Jun 2003

Thanks for the link moore_mat,i'll look when i get home tonight,it is rather annoying if Microsoft have created a game that only works on some CD drives.

  moore_mat 14:02 03 Jun 2003

It is a pain - I agree - but you see it more and more and most creators now put some sort of copy protection on their CD's now. I've seen plenty of problems once the game has been installed, but to have these issues as you are actually INSTALLING the game is very rare.

Does anyone else have any light to shed on the matter?



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