Installing extra RAM

  Knocker 15:39 23 Jan 2007

I have an ASRock 775i65GV mobo with 512Mb of "unspecified make" DDR Ram. I have purchased 1Gb Crucial Ram, the type specified by a Crucial scan of my PC, but have the following questions:

1: Can I just add the new Ram into the second slot to run alongside the existing 512Mb card (the specs match)?

2: Do I have to fit the new 1Gb into the socket currently used by the 512Mb or does it not matter which socket is used?


  anskyber 15:42 23 Jan 2007

It depends click here

  Mr Mistoffelees 15:48 23 Jan 2007

Check the motherboard manual, if the larger module has to be in the first slot it should tell you.

  Knocker 16:27 23 Jan 2007

Thanks guys. I had trawled both the Crucial and ASRock websites only to discover my level of PC ignorance was greater than I thought and most of it went over my head.
The reason I was unsure is that my mobo supports Dual Channel technology, but only if the two Ram modules are the same, otherwise it runs in single mode. The handbook does not specify which slot the new module should fit and I think it suggests that it doesn't matter. Having read many of the Forum's problems and responses, I am just trying to head off any problems that might arise before I take the lid off the PC
Maybe I should invest in another 1Gb module eventually.


  Totally-braindead 18:23 23 Jan 2007

With my motherboard I have 4 slots for memory, 2 blue and 2 black. If I use it as dual channel I need 2 identical memory modules in the blue, if I want to keep it dual channel and want to add more I need to add 2 more identical memory modules into the black slots.
If I have different memory modules in it I have to use the first blue slot and the next slot, which is black and then it will work as single channel memory.
It should explain this in your manual on the page about memory configaration. If it doesn't have a look in the FAQs on the Asrock website.
I know that may not appear to clear but its the best I can do and your motherboard may well be different anyway.

  Totally-braindead 18:29 23 Jan 2007

Further to my posting. I have a manual for an Asrock motherboard here that I built for a friend.
On the page entitled "Installation of memory modules" it states that if you want to use dual channel memory you must use slots 1 and 3 and the modules must be identical. It only has 3 slots. I must admit it does not make it entirely clear what to do if you install 2 modules of different sizes, personally I would try them in slot 1 and 2 first and see what happens. If it causes problems then switch the second module to slot 3.

  Knocker 20:55 23 Jan 2007

Thanks Braindead. In my mobo there are only two slots so I guess I will try that route. If I experience any problems I get back to the Helproom


  keef66 10:53 24 Jan 2007

If you only have 2 slots then your options are clear

1gb slot 1, 1gb slot 2, in each case, with or without the original 512mb stick in the other slot. = 4 possibilities.

  Knocker 11:41 24 Jan 2007

Thanks keef66, this morning I bit the bullet and did just that. The PC did not start when reassmbled and after a few minutes of "ohmigod" panics I discovered that the module had not fully seated. Reinstalled both modules and 'Hey Presto' I am back up and running. The difference in speed has not been as great as I was expecting but it does appear to be a little quicker. Thank you to all who helped. This is still the best site for help and information for the inexperienced PC users


  keef66 11:46 24 Jan 2007

When I went from 512 to 1 gb the biggest difference I noticed was in loading speed for games like C&C generals, and in image manipulation in Photoshop. I guess these things are memory intensive. For everyday tasks it isn't noticeable.

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