Installing a DVD please

  Pyecraft 20:33 31 Dec 2005

You can tell this is going to be fun.
I was looking to buy one of the latest sports sims today and reading the minimum requirements, the ante seems to have been upped since last bought one.
They now require a minimum of 4x DVD-rom. Am I reading that right?
Any way my pc only has a CD-rom, so I guess if I want the game I'll need to add the said DVD thing.
Anyone with my comparable incompetence installed one successfully? Would anyone be able to recommend a particular make/price/compatibility? I have a slot available beneath the cd slot, but is installing the basic dvd player the best way to go, or should I try to include a DVD writer while I'm at it?
Any tips are much appreciated, thanks.

  SG Atlantis® 20:56 31 Dec 2005

what's the spec of you computer?

processor, ram, hdd space and which windows?

I'm assuming as it's only a cd drive it must be old?

  Diodorus Siculus 21:04 31 Dec 2005

A DVD read only drive is about £15 or so - twice that for the writer.

It's pretty easy to fit, if you have the right machine to begin with.

  Pyecraft 21:08 31 Dec 2005

Thanks for responding SG., let's see if I can tell you my pc specs.

XP, Athalon2600+, 1.93ghz, 448mb RAM. That make any sense?

It wasn't expensive nor fancy, nor old actually. Had it just over a year, but perhaps you're advising to upgrade the whole thing?

  Pyecraft 21:10 31 Dec 2005

Diodorus, what sort of stuff do you write to a dvd?
Is it just extra data storage?

  SG Atlantis® 21:15 31 Dec 2005

ok, that's pretty good spec actually :oD

You're best bet is a dvd rewriter for £30 roughly. Just pull out your current drive and pull out the connectors at the back fit them to the new one and your away!

Screws hold the drive in at the side, and just make sure you set the little jumper pin to whatever your current drive is at the back. Master or slave usually.

I recommend taking the old one out less time consuming in installing the new one as it's just a swap over.

Happy New Year.

  iscanut 21:15 31 Dec 2005

Are you sure that your "CD" drive will not play DVDs ? Mine shows up as a CD Drive in My Computer properties, but it plays DVDs ! Try playing a DVD in the drive and see what happens.

  SG Atlantis® 21:16 31 Dec 2005

anything you like.

Make home dvds, backup photos and files etc etc.

  Strawballs 21:47 31 Dec 2005

A DVD rewiter can save 4.5 gig on 1 disc that is a lot of backup on 1 disc.

  Pyecraft 22:00 31 Dec 2005

I tried a dvd in the cd player Nuts, but it wouldn't run, thanks though.

Am I right in assuming then that a dvd-rom is just a larger version than a cd-rom and will play both?

From all your fellas help, it makes it sound easy to install, so maybe i'll give it a try. With all the different letters - dvd this and that - one final question regarding what I need please.

A DVD-RW, correct? Drivers needed? Will it converse with my motherboard?

Thanks again.

  Strawballs 22:10 31 Dec 2005

Just do as SG Atlantis® said just swap them over and that is it no drivers etc and away you go there is a free software that works Quite well at burning DVD's click here

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