Installing drivers - HP printer/IPOD Shuffle

  collinsc 14:13 28 Dec 2011

Hi I have just bought a new laptop and am transferring all my data and programmes. Looks like i tunes is OK, however i just inserted my shuffle into the USB and the driver was not recognised. I envisage the same problem with my printer. I dont believe i had discs for either to load the drivers, is there a web site/other way i can ensure i can use these devices on my new laptop? thanks

  collinsc 15:52 28 Dec 2011


  collinsc 16:03 28 Dec 2011

hp printer dl seems to be going ok. excuse ny ignorance, what do i need to install to ensure my ipod shuffle connects to my laptop?

i have already successfully installed itunes application on to the laptop. although, when i came to import all the tunes it forced me to convert them for some strange reason. it is taking hours and it looks to me like it is duplicating them.. (although maybe one version of the duplicate wont work? - i really dont know)

  collinsc 16:43 28 Dec 2011

yes,i had thought that too. ok, ill keep trying. do you have any idea why itunes is insisting on converting my music? (which was already itunes format) - maybe because i was 32 bit and now 64 bit!? will i end up with duplicates do you think?

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