installing a dll.

  JohnM. 05:11 26 Jul 2003

I have downloaded a missing dll. (mscoree.dll)
my problem now is how do I put in in the registry for XP. Do not have the first clue as to how this is done.

  powerless 05:16 26 Jul 2003

Just place it in the C:\windows\system32 folder, thats all and that should do it.

To officially register it...

Start > Run > Copy and Paste:

regsvr32.exe mscoree.dll

Click ok.

  powerless 05:19 26 Jul 2003


Have tried a system restore?

There is also the SFC (System File Checker)

Start > Run > Copy and paste:


Click ok and have you XP CD in the drive. This should replace the missing or corrupt dll.

  zanwalk 05:29 26 Jul 2003

Is this any help:

Q: How do I install the dll-file?
A: The file is zipped, so you will need winzip to unzip it. Then open up the zip-file with WinZip and extract the dll-file to your windows\system directory. Then reboot your computer.
If it still doesn't work, use REGVSR32.EXE. Follow the following instructions:

Commands to add/delete .dll or .ocx files

To add .ocx and certain .dll files, it will be necessary to restart your computer in DOS mode and run WINDOWS/SYSTEM/REGSVR32.EXE from the command line. You will need the following commands and switches:

regsvr32 [/u] [/s] [n] [i [:cmdline]] dll name or ocx name

/u (unregistered server)
/s (silent; display no message boxes)
/c (console output)
/i Call dll or ocx install passing it an optional [cmdline]; when used with /u calls dll or ocx uninstall
/n Do not call dll RegisterServer; this option must be used with /i
Or you can go to START > RUN and type SFC, and use that program to install dll files.

Copied from: click here

  zanwalk 05:31 26 Jul 2003

I'm too slow.....!

  powerless 05:31 26 Jul 2003

Too late :) hehe

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