Installing CDRW drive

  Rogmur 17:54 31 Dec 2003

A very Happy new year to all Forum Members.

I am hoping to upgrade my Dell PIII 550Mhz (Runnig Win98).
I wnat to install a CDRW drive (Artec 52X 32X.
However, I have a Iomega Zip 250MB Drive (as drive "D")which no longer works.
I also have a DVD ROM drive (drive "E".
Therefore, should I set the new CDRW drive as Master or Slave? The manual is somewhat ambiguous.
Any way this is my first time installing a CDRW drive and I am very nervous about it all.

Thanks in advance

  Jester2K 17:56 31 Dec 2003

If the ZIP drive doesn't work remove it and look at what it is set to. Then set your new drive to the same and install.

  billyliv 18:09 31 Dec 2003

Hi Rogmur, And a very happy new year to you. Your set up should be as follows :- 'C' Drive (your hard drive) set as master on Primary IDE, Your CD/RW set as master on Secondary IDE, your DVD/ROM as slave on secondary IDE. Cheers, Bill

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