Installing a CD-Rom into Win 3.11

  Pilch from 08:10 01 Oct 2003

My nephew was just given a computer which had windows 3.11 on and no CD drive. I am putting on in so that i can eventually to a better OS for him in the future.

My question is, will win 3.11 auto detect it or does it have to be configured in some way??

  expertec 08:49 01 Oct 2003

No, it won't detect it, I think you'll have to install some DOS drivers for it

  -pops- 08:52 01 Oct 2003

Windows 3.1 computer will have extremely limited capacity of speed, memory and hard disk space.

Think very carefully about the feasibility, wisdom and economics of any upgrading you may wish to do.

  seedie 09:00 01 Oct 2003

I think you'll find you need a generic driver in config.sys and MSCDEX.EXE in autoexec.bat.

Your cdrom may come with a driver with it, MSCDEX is in win3.1 somewhere.

A later OS wil provide CDrom support when you run it. It's possible too that your BIOS won't support booting from CDrom.


  Diemmess 09:21 01 Oct 2003

Memories of 3.1.1 are growing dim now. Seem to remember that the config.sys and autoexec.bat must have the required drivers for a CDROM though I think these can be derived from the installation disks.

I am sure it is fairly straightforward (given the installation floppys.)

You may not be able to boot from a CD but 98SE can of course be installed via a setup floppy.
As to whether it is worth doing that will depend on CPU and RAM. I think my first 98 installation had a Pentium 166MMx and as much as 64Mb RAM and it seemed very very OK at the time!

  expertec 09:26 01 Oct 2003

Even if you're not installing Win 98 you could use a Win 98 boot disk to start up with CD-ROM support click here

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