installing canoscan scanner can't get a driver

  Aimiee 00:01 28 Aug 2003

i am so peed off when buying new hardware like printers, scanners web cam i never can get them installed properly it takes me hours. when i go into settings, control panel, add new hardware, scanners and cameras two table thing comes up it prompts you to select your manufacturers if not in the list push have disk in which i have in the cd rom, please plase help from here i have tried every single folder i have changes the drives which is always a:\ to Q:\ and i just can't find anything i keep getting a message specifed location does not contain information on your hardware. please please help me as this is very sole destroying when there is no help on these wizards. when you buy new hardware the disc should run and install the driver automatically but i have checked the device manager and the only thing listed for imaging devices is a kodak in which i have never installed!!!!!!!!!!!

  sil_ver 00:36 28 Aug 2003

Forget control/add-remove progs.
Before you connect your scanner, printer, whatever, put the install CD in, if it doesn't autorun then click on the drive icon to start it or rightclick and select autorun and just follow the prompts. Just make sure you uninstall any old drivers first and disable any running progs like antivirus.

  Mango Grummit 10:05 28 Aug 2003

With these things it is very important to follow the installation instructions exactly as they are in the book. I'm not saying that you haven't because Canon do have known problems with their scanner drivers. But anyway you could try clearing all scanner references from your HD and start again.

If we are to help you here at all we would need from you your OS and scanner model type please.

Another way out is to ring Canon whose telephone help people are absolutely first rate at talking you through solving most problems. They not only seem to know their products inside-out but are very patient coves in addition.

Come back (with the required info) if you have to.

regards, M

  BigAl127 10:16 28 Aug 2003

Have a look here click here

  BigAl127 10:18 28 Aug 2003

In the "Type your Query" box write "Installing Drivers. Brings up 12 replies with solutions for different os's and connections.

  alcudia 10:22 28 Aug 2003

Can you please let us have the info that Mango Grummit has asked for. I have two Canon scanners and have had the odd problem or two. There is a precise order in which these have to be installed and if the procedure has not been followed correctly it is dificult to go back. First check to see if there is a Canon driver in C:\Windows\Twain32. Does the scanner show in Device Manager as an imaging device? If you wish to remove the driver to start again go to click here and get the file deldrv to remove the driver. When removed check to see if the scanner has to be plugged in before or after installation of the driver. If you don't get it right it won't work.

  alcudia 10:28 28 Aug 2003

Sorry, forgot to add, as sil_ver mentioned do not ever use Add New Hardware in Control Panel to install one of these. If you can get it back to where you were before you started we should get you running.

  alcudia 08:16 29 Aug 2003

Are you still there. Do you still need help with this?

  Mango Grummit 08:05 01 Sep 2003

Final scene:-

Aimiee >>> exits stage right at full gallop.

Mango to alcudia, "Who was that masked man?"

From over the horizen a voice is heard, "Hi-Ho Silver ...... away"

Roll Credits.

  [email protected] 11:29 01 Sep 2003

Computer buff found dead next to PC.

Police are investigating reports that PCADVISOR forum advised Aimiee (98) to lick the motherboard while computer switched on.

  alcudia 12:30 01 Sep 2003

Would that kill you then? Must remember, do not lick mobo when turned on.

I'don't think we're going to hear any more.
Perhaps it got installed?

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