Installing BT Voyager 2110 on Windows Vista.

  CheckeredMichael 20:21 25 Nov 2008

Today my friend recently bought the BT Voyager 2110 and he is having problems getting it to connect through to the internet, I recommended him to get this since I found it to be really good and haven't had any problems.

I got it to connect through using Windows XP, although I have a Vista laptop which connects to it just fine and I can browse the internet with ease. When he said about not being able to connect I tried my laptop through the ethernet cable and for some reason it didn't like it.

Although the router was connected, I was not able to get on the internet. I went onto my network connection through the control panel and it said that the device is not recognised, and that goes the same with his computer (except his router isn't connected).

The router does not have any drivers as you just connect the router through your web browser after setting it all up.

I would be well and truely greatful if anyone could help with this.

  mgmcc 21:55 25 Nov 2008

>>> When he said about not being able to connect I
>>> tried my laptop through the ethernet cable and
>>> for some reason it didn't like it

What do you mean by "it didn't like it"? When you connect a computer (any computer) to the router by ethernet cable does it get its correct IP address? If not, the router may not be set to allocate addresses by DHCP. In that case it will be necessary to give the network adapter a fixed IP address in the same range as the router, then go into the router's settings and enable the DHCP server.

  CheckeredMichael 19:14 28 Nov 2008

Well it works perfectly fine on XP, it gives out the correct ip and has DHCP already enabled, but as soon as I connect it to Vista via ethernet it can't identify the router, as when I click on network connections it says "Unidentified".

  mgmcc 21:06 28 Nov 2008

What IP address does the Vista PC get when connected by ethernet cable? Incidentally, I'd recommend that you disable TCP/IPv6 in Vista if you haven't already done so.

  CheckeredMichael 12:20 29 Nov 2008

Got it sorted now, Vista decided to indentify it as a wired network, I just plugged it into the router without the dsl cable inserted, don't know if the dsl would have actually helped or not, but it's done now. Thanks for your help mgmcc, its much appreaciated.

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