installing bin files?

  Optimo 19:13 04 Apr 2003

can any of you lovely peeps tell me how i would go about installing a .bin file

  ^wave^ 19:33 04 Apr 2003

what r u trying to install

  AndySD 19:38 04 Apr 2003

You need to burn the . bin file to a cd. You can burn .bin files with nero. Choose burn image. But you will need to have a CUE file for this to work.

  Optimo 19:47 04 Apr 2003

its a game, and could you elaborate on "CUE file"

  AndySD 19:56 04 Apr 2003

How to make a .cue file for a .bin file
The .cue file is needed to burn the bin file. You can use nero.

For instance: The bin file name is myfirstburn.bin

Make the cue file with notepad. Name the file myburn.cue
In this file write exactly:

FILE "myfirstburn.bin." BINARY
TRACK 01 MODE1/2352

INDEX 01 00:00:00

Save this file and the bin file in a folder and open Nero. Choose burn image and point it towards the folder you saved the files in.

  Blix 20:01 04 Apr 2003

To install bin files without burning to cd I use Daemon Tools. click here It's a virtual drive and you shouldn't need a cue file. Just install mount the bin file and away you go. One thing, I have heard Deamon Tools does sometimes conflict with Roxio Easy CD, just incase you have it installed.

  Optimo 20:03 04 Apr 2003

ANDY SD you are my savior, i will gladly donate to yourself my first born along with all the baggage that came with her;)

  Legolas 20:11 04 Apr 2003

Optimo it must be some game lol

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