installing AVG9 free

  palinka 13:59 02 Mar 2010

this problem is in connection with click here which I thought was all done & dusted; but not so. Maybe others have had same experience and can advise.
I downloaded the AVG9 Free setup files on my Vista PCD, , saved them to my USB stick and transferred them to his (XP)computer. I've done this for various friends many times over the years. But this time, when I clicked the set-up icon to open and install, the computer insisted on connecting to the internet. After 40 minutes (on a dial up running at 50Kps) we were still only at 17% downloaded.....of what?? There should have been no need to download anything at that stage , though my memory may be at fault because it's sometime since I performed this task on a PC that did not have a bb connection. So I aborted the operation.
Anyone else had a similar experience? Any suggestions?

  BRYNIT 14:22 02 Mar 2010

It sound as though you have just downloaded the download manager and not the AVG9 file.

Try click here

  manrow 15:32 02 Mar 2010

On a similar issue I have been unable to update AVG Free 9.0 today on my three computers.

On 2 of them I uninstalled the programme but now cannot install the programme again as it just says 'site slow to respond, download failed'.

Anyone else similar experiences?

  palinka 16:48 02 Mar 2010

thank you both. Yes, you're right BRYNIT, that's what I'd done. Can't think how I made that mistake - never have before and won't do it again!

  Ian in Northampton 17:09 02 Mar 2010

Palinka: don't beat yourself up - I think, with AVG 9.0, the download manager is all you can download - I haven't yet found a way of downloading (and saving) the whole executable, like you used to be able to do with previous versions of AVG Free. It was a royal pain upgrading all six machines at home...

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