Installing AVG Antivirus free 7-5.

  Meshuga 19:44 08 Feb 2007

I have downloaded the upgrade AVG 7.5 to a flash pen and want to take it to my daughters and install it on her laptop in place of the 7.1 version. Do I need to uninstall the 7.1 first or will it install over the top. Is there anything else I need to know. Her OS is xp home and she is on AOL. She tried it herself but said it would not install. Many thanks.

  Technotiger 19:48 08 Feb 2007

Hi, it should install over 7.1. When I did mine I did not first uninstall the old version, but I cannot remember the exact sequence - I think it automatically uninstalls the old version.

  skidzy 19:51 08 Feb 2007

Always best to uninstall and cleanup with something like ccleaner then reboot.Then install the new version.

In saying that,i believe i just installed the new version and was prompted to uninstall the old version.The new version done that for me and to date no problems.....

  Meshuga 19:52 08 Feb 2007

Thanks Technotiger.

  cocteau48 19:52 08 Feb 2007

Pretty sure you are right about that technotiger.

  Meshuga 19:53 08 Feb 2007

Thanks skidzy.

  Meshuga 19:55 08 Feb 2007

Thanks cocteau48.

  Totally-braindead 22:26 08 Feb 2007

It is recommended you install over the top first BUT there can be a problem in a minority of case with this.
If you do an upgrade over the top you MUST check that AVG is still scanning the email messages.
In a minority of cases it fails to start and if that happens then the recommendation is to delete AVG and do a clean install. But they do recommend installing over the top first.
There are details of this on the AVG Forum if you are interested.
One of my friends PCs did fail to scan emails, an old PC using Win98 - don't know if this has anything to do with it - anyway, deleted it and installed from scratch and worked perfectly second time around.

  Meshuga 08:04 09 Feb 2007

Thank you Totally-braindead.

  jaritch 08:55 09 Feb 2007

I have updates AVG on numerous computers with no problems. Select the repair option during the set up.

  birdface 09:55 09 Feb 2007

Hi,Dont know if its an upgrade or what,Big download to-day,7.5.441 so dont know if it is a new version or same as old one.

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