Installing another Hard drive

  moggers 15:27 07 Mar 2006

Im trying to install another hard drive onto my PC it has shwon up on windows as being there but on boot up it gives me a message saying imminent hard drive failure backup this volume etc etc. and then tells me the ROM option is full I think it comes on so fast I cant read it properly.
Ive got my Master drive as my original on drive 0 and the new one as a slave on drive 1 (thats what it says on the lead anyway) Any ideas why the imminent failure message comes up and how to go about fixing it? Could i need a bigger PSU? my current one is 240 Watts I think

  Josquius 15:48 07 Mar 2006

from what's being said there it sounds like faulty hardware...
Just a guess from that though.

  moggers 16:03 07 Mar 2006

Ive just had a look in device manager and it says the device is working properly, I disabled it and rebooted but the same error message came up again? Any more suggestions?

  pj123 17:54 07 Mar 2006

Have you Partitioned and Formatted it?

  moggers 18:17 07 Mar 2006

No i havent, it was from a friends old PC didnt know I had to do that, do i have to partition it? I am going to format it but just wanted to see if it was worth it, also being a bit of a noob.... how do I partition it???

  Josquius 09:59 08 Mar 2006

Booting up from the xp disk is the easiest way. Befor you get to installing xp there are formatting options.

  moggers 12:24 08 Mar 2006

OK one other problem there I didnt get an XP disk when i bought the

  moggers 12:26 08 Mar 2006

Ok one other problem there I didnt get an XP disk when i bought the PC I got it cheap (nothing illegal tho!!) and didnt get a disk with it, is there any other way? Im just about to format the drive now probably going to take a while...........

  Smiler 12:33 08 Mar 2006

Does the drive show up in windows explorer if so you can right click on it and select format.

  moggers 12:34 08 Mar 2006

Yep formatting is not a problem its the partitioning part Im not too hot on

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