Installing a 2nd sata

  ronalddonald 19:20 07 Jan 2010

Im planning to install a 2nd sata drive into my desktop, from a another desktop. The other desktop the mother board got damaged.

Do you people have any special instructions how i go about doing this and do i have to keep the hard-drive in an anti static bag, if so do you know anyone in London who sells them.

Are there any pdf instructions available or a good link.

many thank yous to all of you and happy new year to all of you.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:31 08 Jan 2010

do i have to keep the hard-drive in an anti static bag

No just do not touch he circuit board underneath

With a SATA drive, the process is much easier to install than an IDE drive.
Simply plug the power connector into the drive, and connect the drive to the motherboard SATA controller using the supplied SATA cable. (Both connectors are both keyed to prevent improper connection.) With SATA drives, there is no need to change jumper settings, though you may need to update your computer's BIOS if it can't see the drive.

  johndrew 11:34 08 Jan 2010

Fitting the drive is easy, simply power off and disconnect electrically, open the case, earth yourself to the case chassis and fit the drive. Connections and other details are shown here click here.

As you have another SATA drive installed the BIOS should already be set up and the drive recognised on power up. If the drive has an old OS on it you may be wise to remove it as soon as possible - unless you can (and want to) use it legally.

Transportation of HDDs is always best in an anti-static bag and if likely to get rough handling a drive box (foam lined) as well; most computer shops have the odd one lying around so if you ask you are likely to get one given. The size of bag doesn`t really matter so one for a motherboard would also do. If you can`t get one, put the drive in a decent container, keep it away from magnetic sources and don`t drop it.

  john bunyan 14:26 08 Jan 2010

You may want to consider installing it in a removable caddy - I bought one from Maplin. It switches on and off with a locking key so it could be kept in another location. Otherwise it acts just like a slave drive. I use mine to occasionally clone the primary drive with ATI, as well as making ATI images to an external HD.

  ronalddonald 15:57 10 Jan 2010

Many thanks to all of you managed to do it, i used a lunch box as anti static

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