Installing 2nd HDD for backing up.

  Dumble452 08:49 06 Jul 2004

I'm about to install a 2nd HDD and in order to avoid accidentally wiping my existing disk, which I did some years ago on a previous computer, my plan is to disconnect my existing disk, set the new one to master, restart with CD support then FDISK and format. Reset 2nd HDD to slave and reconect the original HDD. Is this the best way to do it?
I plan to use the 2nd HDD to mirror my existing HDD. The existing HDD has a mixture of NTFS and FAT32 partitions, since it is dual boot running Windows 98se and XP home. Do I need to partition the second HDD exactly the same as the 1st one or will the drive image software do this automatically. I've got Acronis True Image Deluxe but haven't installed it yet. Thanks in advance.

  stlucia 09:00 06 Jul 2004

That's quite a hassle just to avoid formatting the wrong disk! It will do the job, but personally I would simply install the new disk as I want to use it (maybe as slave on the same cable as the present one, or as master on a second cable) and be very careful when I'm doing the fdisk and format bit.

I'm afraid I can't help on setting up for imaging -- I sure someone else will come along shortly.

  [email protected] 09:55 06 Jul 2004

You do not say the sizes of the 2 HDD assuming the new HDD is bigger then that is fine to use as master but you will need to format/partition & install an OS for it to work. if you intend to use it simply as a back up then make it slave then you can use your program to copy your old HDD partitions programs onto the slave
Be very careful using a different program to copy sometimes a mirror copy will fail unless you use direct from the CD I use 2nd slave HDD for data photos video etc not programs simply having one OS installed on the slave drive independantly on that slave drive
Be careful with what you do

  SEASHANTY 11:00 06 Jul 2004

How to install a second hard drive
click here

  Dumble452 11:17 06 Jul 2004

Still waiting for it to arrive.

They are both 120gb.

Useful article, thanks.

  SEASHANTY 15:19 06 Jul 2004

If you are using Maxtor drives this is what the Maxtor drive software is supposed to do
click here

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