Installing 2nd HD as master -which IDE connector?

  bazbazbaz 19:52 12 May 2003

Got a second Hard Drive, going to install it as the master and my old one as slave - you think you've got things straight then you read something to confuse you - does it matter which connector on the ide cable I attach it to, if I attach my new drive to the spare connecter set to master and my old one where it is set as slave that'll be cool right?

Also they never sent screws with the drive (or dont they usually), I read at you need 6-32 screws, means nothing to me but I assume if I go down the hardware store they'll know what I'm talking about, that'd do? TIA.

  eccomputers 20:03 12 May 2003

nope. If you have the newer ide cables, the blue connector goes to the motherboard, the black connector to the master and the grey to the slave. If all your connectors are the same colour, stick the drives on any of them.

The screws are not a problem so long as they arent so long that they go through the casing into the mechanism itself. The screws which hold your computer case on are usually about right, try one and if its ok, take that to your hardware store. You must have a good hardware store though, mine only has wood screws. You can buy packs of them from maplins.

  bazbazbaz 20:43 12 May 2003


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