Install.esd on an Acer Aspire ES 11

  indego 11:32 25 May 2018

Good morning everyone. The above belongs to a friend, which was locked up and when used all that showed was a message to the effect that remove/delete some files to create space. What I have done. Using an external drive and following the on-screen instructions as best I could, I have managed to get the Notebook to the stage where it can be used in the normal manner, ie accessing the internet etc. The external drive has been disconnected. However, on inspection of the amount space that was gained, I noticed that it wasn't very much, so I connected the drive and see that there is file Install.esd (Note the capital 'I' at the beginning). My question is do I need to do anything with it? if so what and how. Thank you for you help. It is much appreciated.

  indego 12:47 27 May 2018

Thank you mrcalif, for the link. I moved install.esd to C: but am not having much, if any, success. I basically end up where I started, being asked to free more space from Windows and wonder if I would be better off doing a reset. I realise everything would be wiped off the C: drive, taking it back to factory settings. My question is in two parts. If I were to do that would I need a Product Key and would I still have Windows 10.

  wee eddie 16:00 27 May 2018

Acer Aspire ES 11, is one of those notebooks with a ludicrously small Hard Drive, 32GB.

It is taken as read that it's Owner is sufficiently savvy to store everything on the Web except the OS and a little Software, but not to much.

Move everything else onto the External Drive (or the web) > Use CCleaner to rid it of everything unnecessary, including old Windows Update backups > Remove any unnecessary software, this includes for example, Microsoft Office and using something that takes up less space, say LibreOffice >then see where you are.

  indego 17:21 27 May 2018

Thanks wee eddie, I'll try that and see what happens.

  indego 16:25 28 May 2018

The owner tells me there is nothing on this Windows 10 Notebook that is needed and has given permission to do whatever is necessary to get the much needed updates. I have done this. Booting from cold, I held down the Alt button and tapped F10 to choose the Troubleshoot Option. I chose the Reset This PC and selected Remove Everything. The result was I ended up with the message, Clear some space and try again. I am now tempted to delete everything from Programs and Features. Advice please.

  indego 01:10 30 May 2018

Update. Using a standard DVD proved to be to small. A message appeared saying that there was not enough space on the DVD, which I half expected. I'll get a flash drive in excess of 8gb, but that wont be for a few days. Watch this space.

  indego 10:53 30 May 2018

Thanks mrcalif, but the instructions don't, from what I can see, state what kind of DVD to use. The notes below are copied from Microsoft's own instructions. Have I missed something here? A blank USB flash drive with at least 8GB of space or blank DVD (and DVD burner) if you want to create media. We recommend using a blank USB or blank DVD, because any content on it will be deleted.

  indego 16:42 02 Jun 2018

Thank you wee eddie and mrcalif for your help in getting the Acer up and running. It took quite a bit of time from 7.30pm to 10.00pm for the upates to load. The free space is now 3.88 GB of 28 GB. Thanks again.

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