Installer2.exe bug!

  Noelg23 13:40 05 Nov 2004

I was wondering if its just me that gets this virus...AVG always picks it up and I know the location of the virus (C:\temp\Installer2.exe) and I always delete it but it alwats seems to have a habit of coming back...I dont know how to permanently stop it and would like ideas how to do this...even Ad-aware picks it up too and deletes it...but still it comes back...I do alot of downloads and thats mostly when it appears but even if I am not downloading and I am on the internet but not surfing it will still appear sometimes it even disrupts from Need For Speed Underground (and when I am in the lead I lose it cos of this damn thing!) any help welcome...thanks...

  AndySD 14:29 05 Nov 2004

click here should remove it.

  Noelg23 14:47 05 Nov 2004

I have heard of this program..will try it tonite...thanks...

  rawprawn 15:03 05 Nov 2004

Just be carefull with A², a lot of people are having trouble with it freezing since the update including myself. I am in touch with A² support but no help so far, which is a shme as it is agoog program. As an alternative if you have a problem click here download and run this. I would suggest turning system restore off before running scans.

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